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Watching My Son's Baseball Game En Femme

a transgender girl at the baseball gameA lot is going on with me the final weekend of my extended girl time, and I am just trying to find as many opportunities to dress and get out as possible considering the circumstances. Last night, my son and I traveled to Nevada for a baseball tournament that his team is playing in, and while it's always fun to go on the road and watch his games, it's very difficult to do more than just underdress during these events.

Today marked the first time that I have ever been able to travel with him during extended girl time (meaning my wife is away), and so the primary difference this trip is that 1) I'm in such girl mode that I'm dying to go out en femme regardless of my circumstances, and 2) it's a lot easier to pack my suitcase discretely when I'm solely in charge of it and not my wife. : )   As a result, I wanted to take advantage of my girl time this morning and attend my son's game dressed as a girl.

wearing a lace top and short-shorts to the baseball gameThis can get tricky for obvious reasons but not the least of which is that we have to travel to the ballpark together, and so there's no way for me to be in girl mode then. Furthermore, he's now a grown teenager and not the 10 year-old who was completely oblivious to everything around him, especially when he had a huge distraction in front of him like a two-hour baseball game. And then I haven't even mentioned the fact that I know all of the other parents from the team, so I would have to be at the same ballpark as them dressed as a woman. I was undaunted, however, and determined that I at least wanted to watch half of his ballgame as a woman, and so that's what I did this morning.

For my outfit, I brought that new white, lacy top that I purchased at Ross a week or so ago, and I paired that with my denim short-shorts. I was dying for someone besides myself to see my pedicure, and the warm weather would give me the perfect chance to show off my toesies through my strappy white sandals. As for my bra and panties, I selected those darling Laura Ashley cotton panties with the floral design that I like to wear with these short shorts, and then for my bra, I chose my Body by Victoria bra in white from Victoria's Secret. I knew that my bra would be extremely prominent beneath this tight top, and so I chose this plain white bra from Victoria's Secret in 36C instead of my recently-purchased Warner's bra with the pink polka dots and pink straps.

a white bra and white lace top from behind with short-shortsThe normal routine at these baseball tournaments is that you drop the boys off an hour before the game at the field to give them time to stretch and warm-up, and so my plan was to transform during that hour and then watch most of the first game as a woman. I wanted to get a quick start on my girl morning, and so while my son was in the shower at the hotel, I actually underdressed my entire outfit and then wore a loose track suit over the top of it for our drive to the ball park. I was quite apprehensive because I was wearing a C-cup bra beneath my top, and we even dashed inside of McDonald's to get him some breakfast, but teenagers seem to be more worried about the food in front of them, and so it provided enough distraction for him in the car that he never noticed I was wearing a C-cup bra. If he had noticed, I'm sure he would have said something.

selfie while driving in a lace white topAfter arriving at the field and dropping him off, I raced to the nearest, secluded spot that I noticed on the drive to the field, and it happened to be a cemetery of all places. Luckily, cemeteries don't creep me out, and it provided me with plenty of privacy to do my makeup and hair in the car and then take some fun pictures with the pretty green grass and trees in the background (just ignore the tombstones and headstones please :) .

After my hair and makeup were ready, I stripped off the track suit, and just like that, I was transformed into a pretty girl dressed for warm weather. I set my camera up and took quite a few photos in the serenity of the cemetery, and then I also spent sometime just sitting on a bench in the shade waiting for the game to start. When it was about five minutes before game time, I hopped in my car and drove to the ball park making sure to park on the side opposite from our team. Normally, when I watch the ball game, I sit in a comfortable camp chair, but I didn't want to get too settled in any one location, and so I watched most of the first game standing up and moving around here and there.

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