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Running in Pretty Under Armour (page 2 of 2)

I chose to start my run from the same park as last week when I wore that fun pink and yellow tank top with the hot pink skort, First, the park allows me to create videos with a pretty background, and it also gets me out of my immediate neighborhood. After making a few videos of me stretching and talk about my outfit, I was ready for my run. :)

The first two miles of my run were just perfect, and I was so pleased at how the bra was working, but somewhere in between the second and third mile--once I started perspiring, the forms became more mobile and shall I put it...bouncing more. This extra bouncing took some toll I believe on the elasticity of the bra, and by the fourth mile into my run, you could have renamed me Bouncing Betty

I wasn't worried that the forms would come loose, but just the sheer gravity from the forms with each step seemed to be pulling my bra down lower towards my tummy. Now, the shoulder straps still did their job, but as I mentioned, I think the overall elasticity to the bra was loosened due to my perspiration and then the constant bouncing, and it really started to give me a complex because I was running on a series of highways where probably 20 cars were passing me per minute.

I finally had to bring my arms in close to my chest and use my forearms for extra support because this bra was definitely not designed to be used for jogging, especially by a girl like me whose breasts are not actually attached to her body. For the last half of my run, I seemed to figure out a good system of supporting my breasts with my arms and then performing timely upwards tugs on my bra band in general, but constantly worrying about it affected the enjoyment of my overall run. I still had lots of fun running as a girl, but I will need to go back to the drawing board for next time.

One fun fact about the run is that for the next few days, I actually had a bit of pain around my sternum area, and it felt as if I was bruised in places. I checked super close in the mirror and couldn't see any bruising, but I'm sure that the constant bouncing against my chest is what caused the discomfort. It wasn't enough pain that I couldn't just laugh it off, but I can now definitely relate to women with larger breasts who claim that the extra weight causes other issues.

Overall, it was a fun morning, and I have no regrets. I got my exercise in and was dressed like a girl doing it, so it was a successful morning. I really loved the Under Armour top and will wear it again soon, so hopefully I can get the whole bra situation figured out. I also took like 15 minutes of video in three different sequences in the park, but there isn't anything that different from what I showed in my previous jogging video, and so I'll just post a few minutes here at the end so you can hear my voice and get a glimpse of the pretty park where I started my run.

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