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Running in Pretty Under Armour

I hope everyone isn't getting tired of my posting updates where I am working out, but getting fit and staying trim has definitely been my number one priority in 2016. As a result, I've created a few opportunities as a girl this fall to go out and shop for active wear that I can wear when working out as a girl.

An absolute treasure that I came across several weeks ago was a bright red top by Under Armour in a size large that fits me like a glove, and so I've been dying for an opportunity to wear this top out and go for a run. Well, I had a window on a Saturday morning before the sleepy head teenagers at home would get out of bed, and so I decided to go for another 8-mile run wearing my new Under Armour top.

I paired the top with a really fun black skort, sheer pantyhose, and then white Asics running shoes with black and red trim. While I thought I looked cute on the outside, I still needed to explore more options regarding my bra, especially since I wanted to wear this top with my breast forms. As I detailed over the summer, my breast forms tend to slip when wearing a sports bra, and at around the 2.5 mile work after I begin to perspire, the breast forms will slip around against my chest and dislodge. I actually had a breast form pop out of my bra over the summer and roll down a hill right next to my feet, and so I definitely want to avoid that mistake again since I often run on busy streets and highways.

One method that I discovered later on in the summer was wearing a racerback bra beneath a sports bra, and that kept my forms in place just fine, and so I actually started to dress in that fashion this morning starting with my Olga racerback bra, then adding a Nike sports bra, and then pulling on the Under Armour top completing the look. I liked the look, and the sports bra beneath the Under Armour top would have been what any woman would have worn, but those three layers felt too tight around my torso. One of my top priorities when dressing as a woman is to be as comfortable as possible, and after five minutes of this combination, I was not comfortable.

As a result, I decided to try a different bra, and so I chose a soft cup bra that I purchased at a thrift store probably seven years ago that has a super tight band and soft, silky cups. The cups wouldn't provide me any support per se, but my biggest priority was keeping the breast forms in place along with projecting the proper appearance of a woman out for a run. I also love the way that this bra presents itself from behind, and I would wear this out a lot more often except for the fact that the cups are so sheer that they allow my pokey things (sorry, I just don't want to type the word that rhymes with whipples) to protrude through my top. I know allowing the pokeys to show could give more of an appearance of authenticity, but I'm just not comfortable doing it.

I wasn't worried about my pokeys showing today because the bright red fabric of the top helped to mask them, and then the tight elasticity of the top helped to suppress them so with that base covered, I was excited to get out and try this new bra under the Under Armour top.

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