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Running an Errand at Walmart Dressed as a Working Woman (page 2 of 2)

crossdressed selfie at WalmartThe parking lot was quite sparse for a Walmart, but there was still a fair amount of foot traffic going in and out, and so I just joined the other individuals and walked straight into the store. I gave the greeter a confident "Good morning" and then looked up at the monitor just above the greeter that was recording people going in and out just to see my reflection. At my Walmart, the hygiene and makeup area is located to the left, and so after entering the store I turned left and roamed the makeup aisles for the makeup remover. There were actually two other women in the same aisle as the makeup remover, but I just joined them and walked to the location of the powder blue Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.

I wanted to take a selfie in the aisle, but with the other two women there, I selected a package of the wipes and then walked to the next aisle that featured the different brands of makeup. I took a few selfies and then headed for the home furnishing department where I knew they would have some mirrors. When I found the mirrors, all of the full length selections were gone, and so I needed to squat down low to take another selfie of myself in the mirror. Hopefully this picture is lady-like enough, but I wanted to capture the moment while holding the small purchase in my hand.

transgender girl selfie at WalmartSince I didn't have much time, I next worked my way towards the cash registers and came across a full length mirror in the middle of the specialty toy section for Christmas. Flanked by Nemo and Dory and Pikachu, I was finally able to take a full body selfie in front of a larger mirror even though it did have a big dirty spot on it right over my right breast. Of course, I don't know when I've been in a Walmart and found a mirror that was totally clean, but I just didn't have time to be picky. After a few poses in front of the children's toys, I made my way to the registers to check out.

While I'm confident to check out at the normal registers--especially at Walmart, there is never a wait at the self-serve registers, and so I took care of the transaction there and was on my way. I swung my back back and forth with each stride just happy to be able to walk out in public wearing a pretty skirt and tights. If of course wished that I could spend the rest of the day dressed like this, and there's always that small ache in my tummy when I realize that I need to change my clothes and resume my duties as a guy for the day, but I am grateful that I was able to manufacture this outing as small and short as it was.
a collage of pictures of a transgender girl at Walmart

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