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Lisa Wears Hiking Boots  :)

showing off my hiking boots with a skirtToday's diary entry is actually an extension of the pedicure adventure that I posted yesterday, but telling this story at the end of the pedicure entry would have been overkill, so I'm separating this one out by itself.

By far the two biggest obstacles that I have to work around when it comes to finding time to be a girl are 1) my family, and 2) my job. On occasion, I will take a day off of work and spend that day dressed as a girl, but it's easier to put together quick outings here and there right before work and then save on my vacation days. I also don't want to be taking too many vacation days just to dress up because that takes away days that I could be spending with my family. The two obstacles I mentioned (family and work) are in no way negative; rather, they are important priorities in my life that do keep me from spending more girl time.

crossdressed in the dressing roomWell, the morning of my most recent pedicure, my plan was to go into work shortly after the pedicure, so I wouldn't have to take any time off. Working in the IT industry is nice because it's usually more about getting the job done than it is sitting at a desk forty hours a week. Still, I am in management, and it's important that I am there, especially when questions arise and people need direction. So, it's fine if I arrive at work an hour or two later than normal as long as it doesn't become the norm, and that's why the majority of my outings occur in the AM.

On the morning of my pedicure, before I left the house I made sure to take along the various items that I'd need in order to transform back into a guy and head into work. For example, my hair is a complete matted mess after wearing a wig, so I need water, a hairbrush, and a towel to get it back into passable form. Removing my makeup is also a high priority, and I have to do this in my car because I can't dress back up like a guy and walk into an establishment with a bathroom sink in full girl makeup, so makeup remove and proper wipes or cotton balls are requisite. Then I need to consider the proper clothing to wear after my outing, and so I do need to make preparations for my transformation back into guy mode, and after an outing, I'll always still underdress in bra and panties and pantyhose, but I need the necessary guy things to cover that up. Well, I remembered to bring a shirt that would work over the top of my bra, and I also brought a pair of jeans, but I forgot to bring my shoes.

shopping while crossdressedWhen I wear pantyhose at work, I never wear socks, and I suppose if someone looked super close at my ankles, they could discern that I was wearing nylons, but it's not normal for people to go around looking at guys' ankles, and I also wear nude or light beige shades to give the appearance that I'm actually wearing my shoes with bare feet. No one has ever made a comment before, and so it's fun to wear pantyhose to work with normal shoes and then take my shoes off under my desk and rub my feet together. The morning of my pedicure, however, I forgot to pack any shoes, and while I did have a pair of flip-flops, I just had my toenails freshly painted, and so that ruled out the flip-flops.
I was too far away from home to drive all the way home only to turn right around and drive back into the city, and so I needed to put my blonde head to work and figure out a solution. I ultimately decided to dash to the closest thrift store and find a cheap pair of guy shoes that would work for the day.

Shortly after making the video at the end of my pedicure, once my toenails had sufficiently dried, I changed out of my flip-flops and into a pair of pantyhose and my Ann Taylor ballet flats. I just wanted to drive in pantyhose and flats and perhaps get out and take a short walk, and so I was glad that I had those ballet flats with me (and yes, the thought did cross my mind to wear them into work). I suppose I could have worn my flip-flops into the thrift store with my long maxi skirt, but I wanted to look pretty, and so I pulled into the parking lot of the thrift store and changed into my pantyhose and flats with little trouble.

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