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Going to Fireworks Dressed Like a Girl

I know I said yesterday that I wouldn't dress as Lisa today to give my face a break, but a cute, bubbly girl just can't be contained, and so I broke a promise and decided to go out tonight as Lisa. I guess I broke one other rule as well because I decided to go fishing this morning (you know how girls love fishing!) with a guy friend, and I wasn't fully dressed like a girl. To make up for it though, I was underdressed wearing a 36B soft cup bra and a pair of peach panties which are as silky as they come.

I realized that while I was fishing, I have become so used to wearing a bra and panties lately, that I totally forgot I had them on and would bend down to fix my pole so you could easily see the impression of my bra. My guy friend apparently never noticed though, and if he did, he didn't say anything. I don't want to tell any boring fish stories, but for the record, Lisa Girl out fished her guy friend 6-0.

Since it was a Saturday, I also needed to take care of one item in the yard, which was to fertilize the lawn. I got home from fishing about 5 PM and then rushed to the hardware store to purchase some fertilizer. Sorry...I was breaking rules all over the place today, but I wasn't going to lug a 50 pound bag of fertilizer around dressed like a girl. I did make sure I was underdressed, however, wearing the same softcup bra with a beige t-shirt. You could totally see my bra front and back, but I didn't care because I was having so much fun. I also pulled on a pair of walking shorts, and then I wore a pair of toeless pantyhose with Birkenstocks to complete my under dressing.

Once again, I practically forgot I was wearing girls things underneath at the hardware store as I selected some fertilizer, paid for it, and then took it out to the car. Going to the hardware store underdressed wearing pantyhose with shorts is one thing, but to spread fertilizer in front of the neighbors wearing the same thing is another, but I was a girl on a mission, and so I took care of the lawn wearing the same outfit.  As I was doing all of this, I really got the urge to go out later as a girl, so I decided to rush home, dispense the fertilizer on the grass, and then hop in the shower to shave my legs and, yes, my face.

I quickly made a sandwich for dinner and then took a shower to clean up and to shave. I decided that for tonight's cross dressing adventure I would go to a fireworks show dressed as a girl! The town right next to mine has been holding their summer carnival all week, and they cap the week off with fireworks on Saturday night at the high school. I decided that I would dress up in a cute summer outfit and then roam around the carnival a bit before the fireworks started.

I exited the shower about 8:30 PM and really had to hurry since the fireworks show would start just before 10 PM. I decided that since it would be dark when I was outside, I would skip wearing any foundation, so my makeup went really fast. I just had to draw some eyebrows, apply some eye shadow, and then line my lips and gloss them. I chose a darker shade of eye shadow and lipstick today since I wanted my makeup to show in the dark.  Looking back, I should have at least powdered my nose since all of my pics show my face as oily, but oh well.  Sometimes a girl just likes to go out as natural as possible.

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