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Another Precious Pedi (page 3 of 3)

a transgender girl getting her toes painted in Opi nail polishOver the summer, I chose a darker lavender color, but this month I felt like choosing a brighter color in red, and so I chose a color called Dutch Tulips by Opi. My girl friend Dora was so cute this past summer when she playfully chided me for not listing the color I chose during the summer (She said, "Details, Lisa, details!"), and so I made sure to note the color in this diary entry, especially for you, Dora. :)

When my toes were pretty, Jenny set my feet on the floor on top of a towel and then set up a small fan to dry them off. As we were waiting for my toesies to dry, she asked if I had to go back to work, and I replied that I did. She also suggested that I stop somewhere nice for lunch downtown as long as I was in the city, and I was half tempted to invite her Opi nail polish Dutch Tulipssometime to meet me for lunch. It would totally be girl to girl, and the next time that I get a pedicure, I might talk about some of the fun places in the city to eat, and if it feels right, maybe we can go out for lunch as two girl friends sometime. That will be something that I will file away in the back of my blonde head for the future.

When the pedicure was done, Jenny brought me the bill and her signed card, and I tipped her $10 on top of the $45 charge. She helped me back into my flip-flops making sure not to scuff any of the nails, and then we both said our goodbyes and did the girl handshake one more time, and I was on my way. I was amazed at just how comfortable I felt during the whole process, and I can't emphasize just how much it helps to have human interaction on this level where I am fully en femme.

After the pedicure, I placed my camera on the trunk of my car and stood in the shady spot at the side of a street in front of someone's house and made a short video showing off my pedicure and briefly explaining the experience.  I will conclude this diary entry with yet another video of me out and about practicing my girl voice and showing off my outfit...and pedicure!!

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