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Another Precious Pedi (page 2 of 3)

a transgender girl getting a pedicureAs soon as I entered the day spa, Jeff was there to greet me happily, and I could tell the instant I saw his face and hear the tone of his voice that the esthetician was there and ready. Yay!!  I barely had time to sit down in the lobby let alone take selfies before they called me into the pedicure room where the same esthetician as before, Jenny, happily greeted me by name and offered both of her hands for a handshake. I made sure to take them both lightly and engage in a feminine handshake, and it was a fun moment as she remembered me from the summer.

I was a lot more comfortable this time around because of the familiar settings, and I was even wearing flip-flops so Jenny didn't need to provide those makeshift flip-flops at the end of our session. We made the usual small talk as she prepared the tub for my feet to soak, and she even a transgender girl at the day spacommented that she drove by my office building and thought about me. Over the summer, I explained to her where I worked, and she actually remembered that and made sure to comment on it. What a sweet girl she is, and while I can't consider her a friend yet, she's probably the closest thing to a real live girl friend that I've got as she's the only genetic girl whom I've ever sat down face to face and conversed with.

Jenny quickly brought in the tub of water with lavender and sea salt and whatever else they put into the water in order to charge you more, and before I knew it, my feet were soaking in the super warm water. We actually didn't converse as much we did over the summer, and that was largely due to my wife wanting to text with me in the morning. I told her that I had an appointment at 10:30 AM but that I thought we could at least text during the morning, and so we spent a good portion of the pedicure texting back and forth. If only she could have seen what my real appointment in the morning was!

pink polka dot bra beneath mint topJenny and I were still able to converse despite my texting, and we talked about the condition of my feet, what I could do to help reduce my calluses from running, and then what was going on in our personal lives at the moment. Jenny said that her husband was in a bad mood this morning because he works from home and had a heated meeting with some of her co-workers, and so she was so cute when she said, "As soon as I heard that meeting, I knew I had to get out of the house fast." As we were talking, I wondered how Jenny viewed from down by my feet, and so I took a selfie from low in my lap up towards my face, and this is how it came out. I was a little bit shocked at just how prominent the spots were on my bra, but it felt good to actually use my bra as an accessory to my outfit.

The entire process of the pedicure was the same as last time. In short, after my feet had soaked for a few minutes, she took each foot out one by one, trimmed and shaped my nails, scrubbed down my calluses and dry spots, dried my feet, massaged each leg up to the knee with a coconut oil, and then she applied the polish in the end. Her procedure when applying the polish is to apply a clear layer, two layers of color, and then one more clear layer on top. During the whole process, I had plenty of time to choose a color from a large basket next to the massage chair where I was sitting.

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