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Finding Activewear Tops at the Thrift Store (page 2 of 2)

activewear for transgender girlsI then came along a cute tank by Old Navy in a pinkish orange-ish combination that was also a size Large, and it was close to being the perfect top. I still had in my mind from yesterday the latest style in active wear tanks where the clothing lines just have a vertical strap running down the back of the tank top in order to show off the sports bra, and so I was a bit disappointed that this tank top had the full back, but it was still a cute top and the perfect size for me, so I added it to the full sleeve Under Armour top and kept browsing.

I really didn't find anything else that jumped out to me, and so I took the two tops to the fitting room to try them on. Neither top paired well with my skirt, pantyhose, and cute flats, but I still took picture from the fitting room anyway in both. I was really worried that the Under Armour top would be too tight, but I trusted in the Large size and was thrilled when it stretched nicely across my torso. I also loved how my bra beneath the top shaped my breasts, and I knew in an instant that this was a keeper, especially at the price of just $4.

transgender in Under ArmourIf I was a savvy business girl, I probably would have resold this top on eBay or somewhere, but the girl inside of me wouldn't let me fancy such an idea, and so I changed out of the Under Armour top and into the Old Navy tank. This one too was just perfect on me, and I could picture pairing this top with a pink skort I have at home, and since it only cost $3, I decided to purchase this one was well. After modeling for a few more pictures, it was time to take my purchases to the front and pay for them.

There was a guy working the registers probably around 30 years old, and he had no clue that I wasn't an ordinary girl. We chatted throughout the conversation, and then he actually sneezed, which gave me an opportunity to say, "Goodness, bless you!!" I think he liked the attention, and I should add that the whole purpose of this thrift store is to provide employment experience for immigrants or people who need to improve their social skills, so passing as a girl during a transaction such as this one is merely picking the low hanging fruit.
transgender selfie wearing pink
After we said our good-byes, I headed out into the parking lot, and to my delight, there was a double rainbow in the sky!! The only thing better than a double rainbow would have been a unicorn in the parking lot as well, but I knew that wouldn't happen and quickly set up my camera so I could at least pose with the rainbows behind me. Before I could get set up, the outside rainbow started to disappear fast, but I was able to take quite a few poses with the remaining rainbow, and I was happy with that.

Along with the rainbows, the wind was blowing quite hard, and it forced me to hold my hair back into a ponytail with one hand just to keep it out of my face, but it was fun to stand there carefree in the parking lot and battle the wind while posing in front of the rainbow. I never did spot the unicorn, but I have lots of days to come, so stay tuned!

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