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Searching for Activewear at Old Navy (page 2 of 2)

Since I had come all this way, I wanted to try on more than just an activewear tank and sports bra, and so I next headed over to the clearance section and found some dresses and a way cute top to take to the fitting room, so I'll let some of the pictures do a bit of the talking from here.
transgender girl in the fitting room trying on active wear over her bra

The blue tank fit perfectly, and I really liked the vertical strap in the back, which on the surface is there to connect the top of the tank to the bottom, but it's real purpose is to show the world your cute sports bra from behind. :)  For that reason, I really wanted it, but I didn't want to pay $16.95 for something that I would maybe wear three or four times a year, and so I set it aside to try on some of the other things.
transgender girl trying on pretty dresses in the Old Navy fitting room

I next tried on three different summer dresses, and I thought all of them were super cute, but they were all priced over $20, and I don't like to purchase new things unless I can get them for a better bargain than that. It's always fun to try on dresses though, and I really liked the magenta dress and the strappy white dress.
pretty transgender girl trying on a lace white top in the fitting room

The last item I tried on was a darling white top with a swath of lace on the front and back of the neck area. It's no secret that I love white tops because they feature my bra underneath so well, and I really loved this top, especially the way it looked with my jeans, but it was $26...on clearance!! I'll keep my eye on this particular top, but I can't remember the last time I spent $26 on anything.

I ended up not getting anything at Old Navy because 1) I still have a lot of shopping days ahead of me, and 2) I know I can find better bargains in the future. I hope I don't sound like too much of a cheapskate, but I have to be practical and understand that I'm maybe dressed as a girl 30 days a year, and so it's really hard to pay $26 for a top, for example, that I'll maybe wear out three times a year. Maybe. It's always fun to take pictures in cute clothes, though, and that's exactly what today's outing became: a fun hour or two of shopping that included playing dress-up in some cute things.

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