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Shopping for Activewear at Old Navy

transgender girl wearing a scarf and bootsMy biggest goal the last few months has been to get into shape and lose weight, and I've been working super hard towards that end by running several times a week. My efforts have really worked wonders, and I've lost close to 10 pounds since last May due to my running. It goes without saying that when I have extended girl time, I want to go running as a girl, and so I want to expand my activewear wardrobe.

Over the summer, I went running as a girl several times and wore a sports bra on both occasions, but the weather is too chilly now--especially in the morning--to wear just a sports bra, and so I need to find some new tanks or long-sleeve tops to wear in the colder weather. As a result, I decided to venture out to Old Navy today to browse through their activewear to see if I could find some fun bargains.

For my outfit today, I decided to go quite simple, and so I began with a white 3/4 sleeve cotton top that I accented with a pretty leopard spot scarf. As for my lower half, I wore a pair of blue jeans from Old Navy that I actually bought on Black Friday several years ago, and then I completed the look by wearing my knee-length boots, which I coincidentally also purchased on that same Black Friday. The day was quite stormy, and it actually began raining quite hard once I entered Old Navy, and so I decided to wrap my hair up into a fun up-do to keep it safe from the blustery wind.

I chose to drive to an Old Navy about 20 minutes away from my home, and this particular Old Navy is part of the same complex that includes some of my other favorite stores, and so I had plenty of time to take a number of selfies from the dashboard of my car. When I arrived at the shopping center, I parked my car in a stall that had a little bit of room next to it, so I could set up for a short video from the parking lot:

After taking the video, I headed into the store and began looking for bargains and mirrors. I eventually worked my way back to the activewear section looking at tops, skirts, sweaters, and jeans along the way. Sometimes I will come across an article of clothing that is can't-miss and at a great price, but I didn't find anything today on my way back to activewear. Once I reached the active wear section, I started filing through the tank tops and chose one in blue because I have a pair of blue running shoes that would match the top well. I was a bit discouraged by the $16.95 price tag, especially for a tank, but it was worth trying on at least. I also picked up an orange sports bra that was quite strappy and decided to give that one a try as well.
a transgender girl shopping at Old Navy

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