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Returning An Online Purchase at Ann Taylor (page 2 of 3)

transgender ann taylor outfitI finally had some time this morning to visit an Ann Taylor boutique, and so I took the blouse and cardigan and receipt and headed for the mall. When considering what a woman would wear to Ann Taylor on a weekday, I decided to go for a bit dressier look that included the navy ballet flats gifted by Karen. I chose a cute navy top with horizontal white stripes to go with me flats, and then I accented those with my pink skinny jeans. I really loved the combination with the pretty flats, and so I wore a sheer pair of pantyhose beneath my jeans that accented my ankles and the flats just so, and I was ready for a trip to the mall.

Since I visited on the morning of a weekday, the store was not buzzing at all, but the one sales lady on hand was occupied with another girl who was returning something as well. Their transaction seemed to take forever, and so I browsed around the boutique for a bit carrying the dark online envelope that contained the tops as I waited for someone to help me. The woman behind the register could tell that I needed help, and so she called on the phone to have another sales girl come help me.

When she arrived, I explained my situation, and she indicated that I could return the items but I would have to purchase different sizes online. I was a little bit puzzled when she said, "Can I help you reorder these tops online?" but I guess the sales online and the sales in the store differ, and so Ann Taylor online and the boutiques in the malls function as different entities. In transgender girl browsing at Ann Taylororder to have things shipped to me directly, it does take some planning and timing, and so I just decided to return the two items and then plan further purchases for a later time. The woman who helped me was fine with that, and she was so helpful during the entire process.

Luckily I had my receipt from the online order, and then when she asked if she could see the credit card I used for the purchase, I happily produced it with my girl name, and she zipped right through the transaction without a hitch. I never thought I'd see the day when I would actually be able to engage a sales woman to the point of actually doing an exchange in a store, but having a somewhat girl voice and a credit card in my female name to add to my look, it's become much easier to experience all kinds of scenarios in real life.

After the exchange, the sales woman (she wasn't wearing a name badge, so I don't know her name) asked if there was anything else she could helip me with, and I replied that I would just look around and perhaps try on a medium sweater to check the fit. She said, "You bet!" and so I looked at a few sweaters and found a color in medium that matched my skinny jeans and then headed for the fitting rooms. The fitting rooms reminded me of a mini-four-star hotel they were so gorgeous, and it felt wonderful to be inside trying on an $80 sweater.

The medium fit me perfectly, and I took just a few more poses than normal just because it felt so good to be in the Ann Taylor fitting room. I need to be a savvy shopper when it comes to further purchases from Ann Taylor just because of the cost, but I had a truly wonderful morning returning some clothes and then trying on a new top at one of my favorite boutiques, Ann Taylor.
a transgender girl trying on a sweater in the fitting room at Ann Taylor

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