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Returning An Online Purchase at Ann Taylor

crossdressed at ann taylorOne of the fun things about making new girl friends is discovering those little quirky areas where two of us just click. For example, there's my friend Allison and our affinity for Taylor Swift music, or there's Joyce and our quest to find superhero panties. Being able to share with someone in these girl aspects of life is a real treasure to me, and I can only imagine it's what leads young girls to become friends during their schooling days.

Within the past year, I've made another interesting girl friend, Karen, where the two of us just started clicking over Ann Taylor fashion. I've admitted previously that I am always tempted by brand-name clothing, and Ann Taylor is one line of fashion that I can never get enough of. The problem with Ann Taylor is that it's quite pricey (a cute top can run $70), and for a part time girl like myself, I can only justify purchasing Ann Taylor clothing when I come cross it at thrift stores.

Well, my girl friend Karen owns a huge wardrobe of Ann Taylor clothing, and she has graciously donned much of it for me and sent pictures of it all. She is a true master at putting super cute outfits together by Ann Taylor, and I could only imagine owning such a wardrobe one day.

shopping crossdressed at Ann TaylorA few months ago, Karen indicated that she wanted to send me a gift of something from Ann Taylor, but I was hesitant because I know that such a gift would not come cheap, and then there's the logistical aspect of actually sending me something. Karen persisted, however, and then one day asked if she could send me an online gift card from Ann Taylor. The way it works is that the giver only needs the email address of the receiver, and then she can give the person a gift through an online gift card. Now, my purpose in telling you this is NOT to solicit further gifts; rather, I wanted to give a public thank you to Karen and tell her how sweet she is for thinking of me. It also sets up my outing today as a girl.

With the online gift card, a girl can only use it by shopping through the Ann Taylor website, and so I had a super fun few weeks going through shoes, tops, skirts, and dresses looking for those perfect few items that I could purchase due to Karen's generous gift. As luck would have it, Ann Taylor did a series of 50% off sales in October, and after a lot of browsing and second transgender girl selfie at Ann Taylorguessing and waffling back and forth between so many cute options, I finally determined to purchase a darling pair of ballet flats (which I am wearing in these pictures) and a pretty turtleneck sweater with the gift card from Karen. Additionally, I also spent some of my own money on a silky blouse and cute cardigan because I just couldn't resist all of the cute clothing.

When the items from Ann Taylor finally came, I was like a little girl on Christmas morning with such stunning new clothes, and fortunately, the ballet flats and the turtleneck were perfect, but the blouse and the cardigan were a little bit big for me. In Ann Taylor fashion, I'm right in between a size medium and a size large, and I played it safe when ordering online by going with size L instead of M. The turtleneck fit me quite well as I will model in an outing soon, but the ruffle blouse was way big on me, and the button down cardigan seemed too big as well. As a result, I decided to exchange the blouse and cardigan for smaller sizes.

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