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Coffee Shop for Lunch (page 2 of 2)

transgender girl sitting in a coffee shopAs I waited for the soup to come, I sipped my tea and then discretely attempted to capture video of myself seated at the table. Everyone was minding their own business, and there was enough buzz in the restaurant that I actually created a few video clips of me talking into my phone at the table as you will see later.

After a few minutes, the girl working behind the counter brought me my soup, and we both said thank you and that was that. I was a complete girl sitting in the coffee shop ready to eat lunch. I took my time stirring my soup to cool it down a bit and broke the slices of bread that also came meal for a transgender girlwith my meal, and little by little, I ate my soup, nibbled on the bread, and enjoyed my tea. It also goes without saying that I enjoyed the entire atmosphere sitting there at the table with my legs crossed in my denim skirt and long boots.

As I was eating my meal and observing things generally in the restaurant, I noticed that the patrons were bussing their own dishes over to this little cabinet and sink area in the middle of the restaurant. This area was quite close to my table, and so I actually took video of me walking over to that area to bus my soup dish. There's really not much more to tell about the outing, especially when I caught bits and pieces of it on video.

transgender girl bathroom issueI did realize that during my meal that I would need to use the potty before I left, and I could see the sign pointing towards the restrooms, but I didn't know what the configuration was until I actually walked over towards them to use them. Like most smaller establishments, they had a men's room and a ladies room with a single toilet and then a door that the occupant could lock keeping everyone else out. It goes without saying that I proudly used the girls room, and after locking the door behind me, I just had to take a few selfies in the mirror.

Even if the ladies room had stalls instead of the single toilet, I still would have used it based on the reaction (or non-reaction) of the other customers in the restaurant. I doubt hardly any of them thought of me more than just a middle-age woman there enjoying her tea and a light lunch, and I certainly felt like a complete girl the entire time.

It was a super fun afternoon, and I'm really glad that I made the journey downtown to enjoy a nice lunch. Everything went so smoothly, and I'm sure this isn't the last time that I'll eat a fun lunch when running errands downtown. Until then, I'll let the video do the rest of the talking. :)

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