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Lunch at the Coffee Shop

transgender clothing for a girlOne activity that I don't do enough of as a girl is go out and eat, and that's largely due to the fact that I don't want to eat alone. I have gone to fast food restaurants on occasion, and I even went out for sushi once, but it just felt weird going alone, and so eating out as a girl is something that I've shied away from. I still want the experience, however, and so today I decided to venture further away from home and out of my comfort zone in order to visit a coffee shop downtown during lunch time.

Now, I live in a fairly large metro area, but I'm far enough into the suburbs that we don't have any coffee shops around. Okay, we have Starbucks all over the place, but I wanted to enjoy a meal that was more than just a pastry. Starbucks stores also tend to be too small and confined, and I wanted to visit someplace where there was more space for me to relax.

my outfit from behind - transgender girlPart of the impetus of my wanting to go out to a coffee shop was a fun outfit that I had planned in my mind for an Autumn afternoon. With the onset of chilly weather, it's time for us girls to bring out our boots, and I wanted to put an outfit together with my long black boots and a knee-length denim skirt. I also have this darling floral top from Rue 21 that has a pretty lace v-neck. This top has long sleeves and can't be worn comfortably in the summer, and so I thought it'd be cute to pair this top with my denim skirt and knee-length boots. The final touch of my outfit was a pair of beige pantyhose beneath my skirt and boots, and I felt that I was dressed perfectly for a quick bite to eat while downtown running some errands.

For my destination today, I chose an establishment called The Rose, and after looking up several coffee shops online in the downtown area, this one looked to have the best menu and overall atmosphere. I have never visited The Rose before, and so I had no idea what to expect once inside. When I arrived at the shop and parked out front, I also quickly noticed that the windows were one-way, and so I couldn't see anything going on inside of the coffee shop. I paused for a minute wondering if I really wanted to dive into the unknown, and so I sat in my car for just a bit watching a few people come and go.

transgender girl in front of a coffee shopRealizing that I was indeed wearing my big girl panties, I finally grabbed my purse, took a selfie of myself in front of the store, and then headed into The Rose for a fun, girl lunch. Once inside, I immediately noticed that the coffee shop was much more spacious than I had envisioned, and there was a wide variety of tables from which to choose. There were probably two dozen people already in the coffee shop enjoying lunch, some sitting by themselves and some sitting in groups. I felt quite relaxed the moment I walked in, and so I walked up to the counter to place my order.

There were four people working behind the counter, three guys and one girl. All looked to be in their early twenties, and they reminded me of the people I see at the ski resorts who are really into snow-boarding. None of the kids gave me any strange looks as I perused the menu for a just a moment. I finally settled on the soup of the day, which was a creamy tomato soup with black beans and some soft cheese that I didn't quite catch the name of. The soup sounded yummy though, and so I ordered it and a small pot of oolong tea flavored with peach.

The barista behind the counter quickly worked on my tea, and the guy who took my order gave me a number for my food to place on my table. In a few seconds my tea was ready, and so I took it and my number and next looked for a table. I really wanted a table that was open to a lot of natural light, and so I chose a table right next to the front entrance. There was a partial wooden wall separating the entryway from the dining area where I was seated, but people could still peak over the wall and get a glimpse of me when they walked in. I sat with my back to that wall and my face towards the windows because I knew I wanted to take some fun pictures and video.

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