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Putting My Wife's Birthday Coupon to Good Use (page 3 of 3)

While I was in the fitting room, I got my first text of the day from work asking if I was coming in, and so I knew I needed to speed things up a bit. I quickly went over to the shoe department to see if there was anything in my size on clearance (a long shot at a place like Kohl's) or any cute flats, but I just didn't find anything that jumped out at me. I was also constrained a bit for time, and so I just shopped with my eyes and didn't take the time to try anything on.

One I was done in shoes, I thought about going back to the Junior's section to retrieve that Minnie top, but I made a detour instead to the hosiery department to see if I could find some pantyhose or tights on sale. The Hanes Silk Reflections were like 3 for $21, but I did find some tights by Vera Wang on sale for $7.99. I've never owned a pair of these tights, but with winter right around the corner, I thought that I could always use another pair, and so I decided to treat myself to the Warner bra and the Vera Wang opaque tights. They had tights in a 40, 70, and 90 denier, and I chose the 40 denier because I think that sheer tights are prettier.

With work calling and a few treats in my hand, it was time to check out, and so I headed towards the front registers and got in line behind a woman nearly as tall as me. I always love it when I run into tall girls, and she was also pushing a baby stroller. I only waited in line for about 10 seconds, and then when it was my turn, both Debbie--the cashier--and I said at the exact same time, "Hi, how are you?" We both smiled at it, and then Debbie went to work ringing up my bra and tights.

I also pulled the coupon from my purse and told her that I'd like to use it. I was glad when it scanned because sometimes those types of coupons don't always go through the first time. This one worked, however, and Debbie gave me the grand total, which amounted to $2.13. As they usually do at Kohl's, they circle the amount you saved on the receipt, and it turns out that I saved a whopping $54.01. Now that's my kind of shopping!! Debbie handed me my purchase, and said with a smile, "Thank you, miss!" I've never been referred to as miss before, but I like it. It sounds younger than ma'am, so I'll be a miss any day, and thank you dearest Debbie. I don't think she suspected anything, and the tall women was still fiddling with her stroller during the transaction, and she never looked at me either, so I guess my voice sounded passable enough.

I nearly skipped out of the store I had such a fun morning, but next came the bad news: I needed to de-girl and head into work. I drove to the parking lot of a nearby movie theater to remove my makeup and play quick-change artist going from my cute girl outfit into my boring guy outfit. The one thing I did forget to bring was an A-cup bra that I could wear to work, but I did leave on my panties and pantyhose and wore no socks into work. You could see an inch or two of my ankle if you really looked, but nobody ever did.

Well, it was a fun outing, and I'm glad that at least someone was able to use my wife's birthday coupon. Now I can't wait to try out that new bra. I should be able to manufacture a few more days in October, and then I'll have 10 straight days in November!! The one catch then is that kids will be at home, but still...this girl already can't wait.

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