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Putting My Wife's Birthday Coupon to Good Use (page 2 of 3)

I arrived at Kohl's at 9:30 AM, so almost as planned, and while there were a few minivans already in the parking lot, it wasn't overly crowded. I first began in the Junior's section and browsed through the clearance racks keeping my eye open for any cute tops or dresses, but nothing really stood out to me. The dress selection was extremely scarce, and it just looked as if all of the cute things had already been picked over. I did come across a really cute tee shirt that was short sleeves and all white except for red trim around the neckline and the sleeve lines. In the left corner over the left breast was the outline of Minnie Mouse, and I feel a certain connection to Minnie due to my cute cell phone cover. The tee was priced at $6, and so I kept it in the back of my mind in case I wanted to come back to it.

After browsing through the Junior's section, I next went to lingerie and focused my search on the bras. I don't really need a new bra, but I doubt there's ever a time when I don't want a new bra, and lately, I've really paid close attention to the Warner line of bras. Warner bras are so soft and silky, and I really love the entire presentation the bra makes when worn with a white top. Over the summer, I blogged about finding a Warner bra at Walmart of all places, and so I purchased one for $13. That particular bra was what Warner calls its "No Side Effects" bra, and it's got a slightly larger band that helps reduce back bulge. I don't necessary have a huge problem with back bulge, but I really wanted to try a Warner bra, and so I purchased it. I'm extremely happy with the bra and wore it often in the summer, but it's not a good bra to wear with no sleeves, camis, etc. Anyway, Warner has another bra that they call "This Is Not A Bra," and it's similar to a tee shirt bra and is apparently super comfy to wear. I've had my eye one this style of bra for awhile, and I was elated to see it marked down to $22 on sale at Kohl's. Minus the $10 from the coupon, I would have been tickled to walk out of Kohl's with a new Warner bra for just $12.

Unfortunately, they didn't have my size (either a 36C or 38B) in white. I don't have to purchase a white bra, but it's my preferred color, and I'm obviously not the only one because there were plenty of bras in the other colors and patterns but not in white. I verified the colors and styles they did have in the This Is Not A Bra line, and then headed over to the clearance racks to see what I could find there. If you've ever shopped the clearance racks of bras and panties at Kohl's then you now how big of a headache it is to find what you're looking for, but I came across a single bra in 38B in the This Is Not A Bra style. This particular bra was white, but it also had darling pink polka dots on the cups and pink straps. It was such a cute bra, and I was surprised that they made such cute bras for older women like me because it honestly looked as if it belonged in the Junior's section. I've actually never owned a patterned bra, but this one was cute enough that when I saw the $4 price tag on clearance, it was a no-brainer.

Ecstatic that I had a new Warner bra in hand, I next headed to the Elle section to try on...well, anything from that line of clothing. I was a little bit disappointed that they didn't have very many dresses, but there were a few darling tops, and so I scooped up some of the more cuter tops and a cute sleeveless dress in a plum color and headed for the fitting rooms. I was sorry that I didn't have enough time to plan with Wendy to shop at Kohl's together, but I thought of you, sis, from the fitting room. ;) One thing that Wendy and I like to chat about is all of the banter that goes in in the women's fitting room, and this morning there was an older woman probably in her late sixties on her cell phone with a girl friend talking about the day's gossip. The main topic was whether or not one of her grandsons really did make $10K guiding some famous person on a hunt. Word was that the guy also received a $2,500 tip, and this lady was calling around trying to confirm it. The whole time I was thinking, "Can't we talk about something cute like polka dot bras?" I mean hunting?? Anyway, I realized that yes, I still do live among a few rednecks, and I rolled my smokey eyes every time the lady started off her sentences with "My hell!" or the S-word. If I had actually met her face to face, I may have invited her outside so we could chew some tobacco together, but I suppose I had more cute things at hand like trying on Elle clothing!!

My hell, I found some cute tops today by Elle, and I had to try them all on. I loved everyone of them and took ample pictures in each, but afterwards when I went to the price scanner and looked up the sale price, the cheapest top was $26 on sale. I had the $10 coupon to use, but I couldn't justify paying so much for a top that I might wear twice a year. I long to be a girl full time, and if by some stroke of luck I am ever able to work full time as a girl, I'd buy six or seven cute tops for $26, but I felt I had to be content with trying on tops and taking some fashion pictures in them. I was actually most tempted to purchase the pink sweater at the top of the next page, but it was the most expensive of the lot. I also have a harder time going out in the fall and winter, and so I forced my practical side to the make the final decision.

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