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Putting My Wife's Birthday Coupon to Good Use

Today was one of those manufactured girl days, and by that I mean it was a regular work day and family was around everywhere, but I just couldn't bear not going out as a girl this morning. The two main catalysts were 1) an email from Kohl's to my wife with a $10 off coupon for her birthday, and 2) endless commercials by Kohl's this week about a special sale going on with the lowest prices of the season.

Now, before everyone boos and hisses about using my wife's birthday coupon, allow me to explain. For all Kohl's charge card holders, the department store sends out a $10 off coupon in their birthday month, and every few days, they kept sending reminder emails saying, "You haven't used your birthday coupon yet." "Don't forget about your birthday coupon; it expires at the end of the month." Since my wife and I share our primary email account, I was privy to the birthday coupon and these emails, and I made no effort to delete the emails or hide them. Well, when it was clear that my wife didn't intend to use the coupon, I just couldn't bear letting it go to waste, and so with that coupon in mind and all of the commercials announcing the lowest prices of the season, I just had to take advantage and go out as a girl this morning and treat myself to something from Kohl's. :)

If you've kept tabs on my wardrobe, the average price that I usually pay for an item is probably $3. I am the self-proclaimed queen of the thrift stores, and I always keep my eyes open for bargains on cute clothing. I pride myself on being a savvy shopper, and so I was sure today that I could use the $10 coupon and combine that with the "lowest prices of the season" to treat myself to something fun. My intent today was to look at tops, dresses, flats, and bras, and if I found something that would amount to about $10 after the coupon, I would buy it.

But first things first. I needed to find a way to transition to a girl outside of my home, and so the last few days I have been carefully stashing items in the nooks and crannies of my car in preparation. I locked my wig in the glove box; I kept my makeup and accessories in the compartment with my spare tire; and I hid my outfit and purse beneath a coat in my trunk that I use when we watch ballgames in chilly weather. Because I was going to have to transform in my car, I decided to choose as simple of a look as possible for several reasons. First, you don't want to have to stash a cute outfit in the trunk of a car, and second, my plan was to arrive at Kohl's at 9:15 AM, and when you think about what the typical mom would be wearing at 9:15 AM at Kohl's, you'd likely come up with a simple top and jeans. As a result, I chose a gray tee shirt I bought from Old Navy to wear when doing yard work, and then I paired that with my boyfriend blue jeans from JCrew.

I read once on a fashion website talking about makeup tips that a girl should not highlight both her eyes and her lips on the same occasion. If you're going to wear bright red lipstick, then de-emphasize the eyes. Conversely, if you're going for a hot, smokey-eyed look then go with a more neutral lipstick so as to keep the attention on the eyes. Following that same line of thought, I decided that since my top and jeans were so plain, I'd spice the outfit up with my cute read canvas flats with white polka dots. Beneath my jeans and flats, I decided to wear a very sheer pair of pantyhose in a nude shade because I love to wear pantyhose, and the autumn weather is chilly enough now in the mornings that I won't overheat myself by wearing nylons.

With everything set, I arose this morning and went through my usual routine with the only difference being that I pulled on a pair of panties after my shower instead of my boring guy underwear. As I went through the rest of my morning routine, I practically forgot that I was wearing panties until I suddenly caught myself as I was brushing my teeth in front of the bathroom mirror. My wife was right next to me brushing her teeth, and with my right arm raised up to my mouth, my undershirt rose up from my tummy exposing the waistband of my panties peeking out from the waist of my guy jeans. I thought it looked sexy to be honest, but with my wife standing there, I had to quickly and subtly adjust my undershirt. I suppose it's a good thing that I was wearing white panties, or my wife may have noticed and asked why I was wearing panties to work. I probably could have talked my way out of it, but it would have likely ruined my morning.

After kissing my wife good-bye, I backed out of the driveway and headed to a park nearby that has a very clean restroom (no, these pics weren't taken from within a prison cell) that I hoped to use to facilitate changing my clothes. I was relieved when I pulled into the parking lot that there was only one other car there and no one milling about. This particular park is at the crossroads of several biking and hiking trails, and so it can be busy, especially on a summer morning. Today, it was super cloudy with rain showers on and off, and so I was able to use the restrooms without incident. I first began by going into the men's room where I changed out of my guy clothes, and then dressed into my full girl outfit. I needed to put on my bra and my pantyhose before pulling on my tee and jeans, and fortunately, nobody came into the restroom while I was there. I was still safely tucked away in a stall, but it was just nice to have privacy.

After dressing, I peeked out the door to make sure no one was close by since I looked like a guy from the neck up but was dressed like a girl from the neck down, and fortunately the coast was clear, and so I walked back to my car and put my makeup on in the front seat of my car using that little mirror with the reading light located behind the sun visor. It always makes me nervous not to have a full bathroom vanity at my disposal, but I was determined to get out and find a fun treat at Kohl's. Once I was satisfied with my makeup, I pulled on my wig, grabbed my hair brush and accessories, and then walked back to the women's restroom to finish my hair and wash the makeup off of my hands. While I was doing my makeup, two joggers did enter the ladies room, but I knew it was empty when I went in, and I wasn't too concerned if anyone walked in on me. I felt that I looked legit, and I was busy at the bathroom sink and mirror anyway. I posed for a couple of pics inside of the restroom, and then took a few more in the park once I felt I was ready. As I took the selfies, rain began to pitter patter all around me and you can actually see black spots on my tee shirt at left where I was getting wet from the rain drops, so I dashed to my car and headed for Kohl's.

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