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Lisa & Wendy's 2nd Annual Dress Off

One of the funnest elements of coming out with this website has been the ability to make new friends. I used to watch the girls in elementary school and junior high school pass notes to each other, and I was so jealous that they were able to communicate in that way, but I suppose passing notes has now become a lost art due to text messaging. Still, girls have this need to pass each other notes whether it's through emails or text messages, and so I cherish the ability to communicate with other transgender girls electronically and make new friends.

As I alluded to in my day 13 update, my dear friend Wendy and I have been preparing for our 2nd annual dress off (we WILL do this annually, right Wendy??), and so today was the big day where we both coordinated our schedules so we could visit the Kohl's department store at the same time and search for dresses, tops, and skirts that each of us challenged the other girl to find at her own department store.

On the morning of the previous dress off, the two of us began chiding each other with texts as we were getting ready in the morning, and it was fun to see that tradition continue today as well. As I was putting my makeup on and doing my hair, the first text came in from Wendy, and so I happily exchanged barbs with her as I raced to finish getting ready so I could send her what has become the traditional selfie between us: a bra selfie just before we step into our outfit for the day. That darn Wendy beat me by about three minutes, but we both knew the Dress Off II was getting close after we exchanged bra selfies. I will keep Wendy's private for obvious reasons, but I will share the bra selfie that I sent to her.

Yes, I decided to really stand out today by wearing a black bra and panties beneath my outfit. While I rarely wear black lingerie, I must say that there is a certain excitement that overcomes a girl when she dresses in black lingerie, and it just felt right for the exciting outing this morning. Along with my black bra and panties, I decided to wear a simple, emerald top from Old Navy and pair that with a loose cotton jersey skirt in gray. This would provide a simple outfit to change in and out of in the fitting room, and to be honest, it appeared to be one of those girl-next-door outfits that I treasure, especially when I'm wearing a black bra and panties underneath. :)  The final touch of my outfit was to pull my hair back into a fun updo to keep it off my neck, and just like that, this girl was ready to go and challenge her dear friend Wendy to another dress off.

In what will likely be the first and last time ever, I actually arrived at my destination before one of my girl friends, and so I quickly took a selfie out in front of Kohl's before heading into the department store. I sent the selfie to Wendy to let her know I was here, and then I entered the department store and headed towards the section that contains the Elle and J-Lo fashions. As I was searching for the items sent from Wendy, she sent me a text of her outside of her Kohl's store, and lo and behold, she was wearing nearly an identical top as me. I thought it was so fun that we both chose the same color and style, and I thought that it really cemented our bond as girl friends.  Wendy is such a cutie it just makes me laugh sometimes.

Knowing that Wendy was also shopping on her end, I carefully searched the racks in my own Kohl's store for the items she picked out for me. As is usually the case, some items available in her store were not available in mine and vice-versa, and a half point credit is given for any item that resembles a challenge item from the other girl while we are each credited with a full point if we find the same item and try it on in the fitting room. With both Wendy and I carefully positioned in our local Kohl's department stores, I think it's best from this point to continue the narration of the Dress Off II by moving to a fun photo gallery with accompanying captions:

2/2 Black Bra Day

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