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Preparing for My Next Dress Off

I have this really special girl friend named Wendy who is the master when it comes to trying on new fashions in the fitting room of department stores. I mean, who needs fashion magazines when I have a girl friend who takes pictures of all the new dresses from various angles and then sends them to me at least once a week? Wendy is just a treasure, but we are separated by about 2,000 miles, and so we've never been able to go dress shopping together.

One day last year, Wendy had this wonderful idea that we could both go to our local Kohl's at the same time and then try on pretty dresses and send each other pictures of the dresses and then see if the other girl could find the same dressing and try them on as well. We called our little adventure the "Dress Off," and I talked about it at length in the Adventures section of my blog. Well, we had so much fun the first time around that we decided to schedule another Dress Off during my extended girl time this summer changing up the format just a bit. Last year, we both went into Kohl's blindly with the task of 1) finding cute dresses and separates, 2) trying on the cute clothes, 3) taking pictures from the fitting room and texting them to the other person, and then 4) trying to find the challenge items and make it back to the fitting room to try them all on.

It was just too much to handle on a single morning, and so for this year's version, we decided that we would both go to Kohl's beforehand at our own convenience, try on cute dresses and separates, and then send the pics to the other girl for her to find on the day when we both go shopping simultaneously. Essentially, we were dividing the Dress Off into two phases: a preparation phase and and execution phase, and so tonight when I had a few hours to myself, I decided to dash to Kohl's and find some cute things for Wendy to try on at her own Kohl's store during our Dress Off II main event.

I've found over the years that when actively trying on clothes in the fitting room, it's best to wear something that's easy to get in and out of, and so I chose a rather simple outfit taking a cute orange and white striped top from Old Navy that's super easy to pull on and pairing that with some khaki girl's shorts with a 4" inseam that I happened to find on the Kohl's clearance racks for $2 a few years ago. Along with this top and shorts, I slipped on my go-to sandals this summer, a pair of white strappy sandals with a wide open toe to show off my painted toenails.

As for my hair, it's always best to keep it off the neck when trying things on in the fitting rooms because the constant task of dressing and undressing can become a bit of a workout, so it's usually best to keep one's hair completely out of the way. For my journey to Kohl's tonight, I decided to tie my hair up in a cute up-do, and instead of a basic hair clip claw thingie to hold my ponytail in place, I used a single clip with a darling rose attached to give the up-do a bit of a flair. I was really pleased with the look, and so I grabbed my purse and headed to my local Kohl's department store hoping to find some cute things for Wendy to try on at her store later.

Wendy and I both agree that the cutest clothing line at Kohl's is the Elle brand, and then we both like the J-Lo line even though we are probably too old to be wearing that brand, and then Kohl's also has a cute line of fashion named Lauren Conrad that is more befitting of women our age. Luckily, these departments are all grouped together with a fitting room right in the middle of them, and so I quickly went to work looking for dresses and separates in all three clothing lines.

Since Elle is my favorite brand at Kohl's, I started there first browsing through the dresses and then the tops. I just didn't want to grab the first thing that I saw; rather, I wanted to find dresses and separates that both Wendy and I would wear out in public given the chance. I finally ended up choosing three items from Elle as seen below: 1) A fun sleeveless dress in navy and white with horizontal stripes and a thin waist belt. 2) A white sleeveless top with a really pretty pattern design above the bust line. 3) A darling white sleeveless top with navy polka dots.

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