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A Sunday Walk In My Dress

When I first began my website exactly seven years ago, I spent the first year or so documenting my history as a male to female transgender girl who used cross dressing as a means to identify with the gender I feel inside. I attempted to recall past experiences and feelings in an effort to paint a picture of why I am the way I am and why I do the things I do. One of my very first entries during that first year was talking about how much I enjoyed taking walks on a Sunday wearing a dress and heels.

I am a god-fearing woman, and as such, I do my very best to obey the 10 Commandments, so Sundays are usually quiet days for me. I always feel compelled to wear a dress and nylons on Sunday, and when I do go out as a girl, I usually like to take walks or visit nearby gardens just to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds me, and so for today's outing, I decided to spend my Sunday evening taking a walk near one of my favorite parks while wearing a long black dress, suntan pantyhose, and high heels. I also wanted to take some video clips of my walking in heels just so I could analyze them to see how well I do currently walking in heels. As you may have noticed, I rarely wear heels out in public, but I want to get to the point where I can walk like a true woman in heels, and so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone by going for a Sunday walk, practicing walking in heels, and then taking video of it all. Wait a minute? Isn't that three birds?? Anyway...

I spent my morning attending church, and while I chose to attend my usual congregation as a guy, I was still underdressed in a bra, panties, and black nylons in place of boring guys socks. When I sat down in the pew and also in my chair during Sunday School, a tiny portion of my ankle was exposed, and then whenever I crossed my legs, a lot more of my ankle clad in those pretty nylons was exposed. I doubt anyone noticed, and I just enjoyed the experience of being underdressed at church.

After arriving home, the very first thing I did was to change into my Sunday dress and fix myself a light lunch. After lunch, I took my customary Sunday afternoon nap while wearing my dress, and then I waited for the temperature to cool down a bit before taking a Sunday evening walk. After washing my face, I happily did my makeup, and then I decided to try a fun, new hair accessory for me: a black and white ruffle band to keep my ponytail in place at the base of my neck. This hair band has a tight elastic band in the middle to keep my hair bound, but the outside is wrapped in this pretty black and white ribbon that scrunches up so pretty when wound around the hair.

With my makeup and hair in place, the final step was to change out of my black nylons and into a pair of Active Support suntan pantyhose by L'eggs. I wanted to wear the Active Support type because the panty is so firm, and it really helps me to maintain a smooth front. The particular knit dress I wore today was quite tight, and so it was extremely important that my front remain impeccable as I took my walk, so I chose to wear my Active Support pantyhose in suntan.

When I was ready to go, I drove to a nearby park where lots of people like to visit on a Sunday evening because the surroundings are so pretty, and there's plenty of shade. There are also some scenic views, and so it's quite common to see couples there taking pre-wedding pictures or even pictures with the girl in her wedding gown and the guy in his tuxedo. I really felt good about my look, and I wasn't concerned that I would be read. I just wanted to take a fun walk in a pretty area while practicing walking in my high heels.

As I pulled into one of the parking lots, I spotted a girl probably in her mid-twenties wearing a casual white top with long sleeves, a free-flowing aqua skirt, and then sensible white flats sitting on a bench deep in thought. The girl was actually sitting with her feet up on the bench and her knees pointed towards her so she could rest on them as she thought. That scene really made me pause for a minute or two, and I couldn't take my eyes from her I was so fascinated with it all. What was she thinking? Was she weighing a big decision? Was she deciding the next step to make in her life? Was she feeling lonely and needed a place just to sit for comfort?

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