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A Jog Through The Park Wearing A Sports Bra

I am just ecstatic these days when I wake up in the morning and stand on the bathroom scale. I'm currently weighing in at 164 lbs (74.5 kilos) give or take, and that's almost 10 pounds down from when I first went to Kohl's to try on sports bras. The primary reason for my weight loss this year is that I have been actively working out using a combination of jogging, swimming, and an elliptical stepper to workout out least four times a week. I follow each workout session with 60 sit-ups, which doesn't seem like much, but it is for a girl approaching middle age like me, and I thin it helps me reduce fat around my tummy.

Early on in my girl time I blogged about buying two new Nike sports bras, and then I modeled one of them during an early morning jog. In that diary entry I revealed that I actually bought two sports bras, and so today I will happily unveil the second one. This next bra has a black base with a lemon Nike swoosh and lemon lower band, and then it also has fun zigzag patterns in white. With my first bra being just a solid color, I wanted my second one to be a little bit louder, and so this is the bra I ultimately ended up purchasing.  Both bras are from the Dri Fit line, and both bras are so comfortable that one day I need to wear one of them beneath a tee shirt.

If you read my Day 2 entry about jogging for the first time in a sports bra, you'll remember that I suffered a hilarious wardrobe malfunction where one of my breast forms actually slid out of my bra about two miles into my morning jog. I was able to quickly scoop up the breast form and place it back into my bra, but the incident had me paranoid the rest of the jog, and so I was more worried about keeping both of my girls in place than simply enjoy the morning run.

Luckily, I found a solution to this problem, and it came in the form of a racerback Olga bra I purchased in 36A just prior to the start of my girl time. I talked a little bit about this new racerback bra in my day 1 entry, but the back of the bra has the exact racerback pattern as the Nike sports bras, and when I tried my second Nike sports bra on over the Olga bra, it was a perfect match. Though the Olga racerback bra is only in an A-cup and I require a C-cup when I use my forms, the Nike sports bra over the top more than compensated for the extra volume, and so in essence, my Olga racerback bra was acting to keep my breast snug against my body while the Nike sports bra balanced out the look of my chest generally.

For my jog this morning, I paired this second Nike sports bra with the same pair of Nike Dri Fit running capris that I wore with the first bra, and once again, I wore a pair of pantyhose beneath the running capris. I really enjoy jogging in pantyhose due to the support they give my legs, and for today's run, I decided to wear pantyhose in a suntan shade instead of my usual nude shade. I'm not sure why I chose suntan this morning because the contrast between my legs and my torso is greater with these pantyhose, but I felt good, and so that's all that mattered.

For the jog this morning, I decided to focus my course on an area surrounding a park with some fun jogging trails. These trails offer quite a wide variety of scenery including the pretty park and it's greenery, long fields of dry grass, and pretty mountain vistas. Unfortunately, the sun rising over the mountains in the East seemed to fool my camera for most of the morning, and when I got home and looked at the video, most of it was blurry darn it. Thankfully, I did have enough clips of me jogging to put together another fun video, which I'll post at the end of this diary entry, but there were some certain scenes and certain views that just didn't turn out that I wanted people to see.

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