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Laundry Day

I just love laundry day. I know that sounds kind of weird to say, but running my girl clothes and lingerie through the washer and dryer gives me such pleasure. I love to handle the cool wet garments as I transfer them from the washer into the dryer, and then I love to separate the bras and pantyhose out from the rest of the wash so I can let them drip dry in the wash room. The scent of the clothing is wonderful, and it just feels good to be clean all around.  I also notice that when I fold my girl clothing and lingerie that I'm a lot more careful and precise as to how I handle them.  Such delicacy is just part of being a girl I suppose.

Anyway, before my wife left with the kids to visit her mother, she was bustling about as usual getting things ready, and in her haste, she mentioned that we were out of laundry detergent and that I would have to go buy some more before she returned. In my first week of girl time, I barely had enough liquid Tide to do one precious load, and I really had to scrape the container to even get that, and so with bras and panties and my cute separates starting to pile up, I needed to dash to the supermarket to buy more laundry detergent.

I had hoped to be able to go to Costco today and purchase it because it's been awhile since I went to Costco en femme, but other obligations took my time darn it, and by the time I was free today, Costco had already closed, and so I was forced to make yet another late night run to the market in order to purchase laundry detergent. I don't mind at all running such errands when I can perform them as a girl, and so after my regular tasks were done for the day, I hopped in the shower quickly and then began my transformation as a girl.

Since I was only going to be out in public for a total of like 10 minutes, I decided against doing full make-up and only worried about touching up my eye makeup and adding lipstick. I also had fun with my brownish honey-blonde curls from my earlier trip to Walmart, and so I decided to go with that hair style again tonight.

Whenever I purchase a new wig, little by little I am able to find the style that works best for me, and so I tweak it here; tweak it there; add a new hair accessory; and then eventually I find a style that makes me as passable as possible. I thought the hair band with this style was so cute the last time I wore it, and so I went with it again tonight pleased with the final result.

As for my outfit, I decided to wear a simply jersey dress with fun stripes alternating in navy and white. This is actually a versatile dress that I think I could wear to a fun dinner appointment, or it's a dress that I could throw on for a quick errand like visiting the grocery store for a necessity. I actually wore this dress for the first time shopping at a Polo boutique at the factory outlets, so just depending on the situation, I'm able to match this dress to the setting. For that I love it so much, and so I decided to wear it on this hot summer night along with my white leather sandals that show off my toes, but for the pictures of my outfit, I thought it would be fun to go barefoot.

Since I went to Walmart last night, I decided for a change of scenery, and so I drove to the local Smith's Marketplace. This particular supermarket is quite busy even late at night, but I have had no problems so far during my girl time, and I didn't anticipate any tonight either. By the time I left the house, the sun was already down, and it was dark outside, but I did manage to take a few selfies while driving when I had enough light inside of the car from a lamp post. The dashboard picture I'm posting here is a bit grainy due to the lack of light, but you can see that I am wearing minimal makeup. There are also some flaw with my hair that I notice, but that's okay...I will get them straightened out in due time. The important thing was that I felt good, and I felt passable enough.

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