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Introducing My Voice on Video

Today was one of those days where my non-girl obligations really got the best of me, and I feared that I wouldn't be able to have any girl time other than my nightly ritual, which is to dress in a bra and panties and pull on my silky pink nightgown as I get ready for bed, but after arriving home past 9 PM, I just didn't want to end this day without running a quick errand. And I'm glad I did because I had such a positive experience that I ended up creating a video of myself speaking for the first time on camera.

For the last couple of days, I've been going out and about with minimal makeup in order to achieve a more natural look, and while I've been able to pass with flying colors, I've kinda cringed at some of my pictures. I mean, there's a reason that when a girl does a photo shoot, she wears a ton of makeup, and tonight, I wanted to get back into the mode of taking pretty pictures. I also planned to run a quick errand to Walmart, and it's really tricky to look good in fluorescent lighting, and so I wanted the full advantage of foundation and powder for this outing.

As for my outfit, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, and so I chose a yellow top by DownEast with a cute flower pattern sewn into one side of the blouse, and then I paired that with my denim short-shorts. For some reason, I can't seem to shelve these short-shorts, and as long as I feel comfortable in them and the summer nights are hot, I will continue to wear them. I also gave myself a special treat on this night by wearing my Laura Ashley floral cotton panties beneath the short-shorts.

Aside from this simple outfit, I decided to try something new with my hair as well. Instead of pulling it tightly into a bun, I pulled the hair into a tight ponytail in the back and then I clipped the ponytail to the back of my head in order to create a fun updo. After doing my hair and looking in the mirror at all possible angles, I was overjoyed at the cute hairstyle, and so I slipped into my white sandals, grabbed my cute basket purse, and headed out to Walmart for a late-night adventure.

The main items that I needed to purchase tonight were whole milk, fruit, and new foundation. Lately when I have been wearing foundation, I've had to pound the open bottle against my palm to get even a little bit out, and so it was obvious that I need more liquid foundation. They also say that you shouldn't keep makeup items around for too long as they can go bad, and so a fresh change there seemed to make sense as well. I also needed some whole milk in order to make more yogurt. We have a live culture of yogurt at our house, and in order to make more, you need to feed the culture with whole milk and set it out on a countertop for about 12 hours. And finally, yogurt is the most yummy when you have fresh fruit inside, and so I wanted to buy some bananas and berries for my morning yogurt.

When I arrived at Walmart, it was about 10 PM, and the crowds are really low at this point. You have the occasional couple stealing some time away from the kids to do quick grocery shopping, you have Walmart workers out restocking the shelves, and then you always seem to have a group of teenagers who for whatever reason think it's cool to hang out at Walmart late at night. I was really happy with my look and my voice, and so I walked into the main entrance and retrieved a cart ready to greet anyone and look them in the eye.

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