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Dinner And A Concert En Femme

Prior to my girl time this summer, there was talk about meeting up with a friend downtown as she was scheduled to be in my city on business. As we tried to align dates, etc., I was looking for some fun things that we could do together in the city, and I noticed that there was a free concert in the heart of town on a certain night that featured a husband and wife duo who are a tenor and soprano respectively, and they were going to be performing pieces from Broadway productions at a church cathedral downtown. Since I love Broadway musicals, I thought it would be a fun night to eat dinner at a downtown outdoor mall and then go to the concert.

Unfortunately, the stars did not align, and I was not able to meet up with my friend, but it still sounded like a fun outing, and so I went to dinner and the concert by myself. The entire night I was thinking about how fun it would be to have a girl friend along for the adventure, but I still had a fun night doing things I love, and someday things will work out to where I will be able to go out for a night on the town with another girl friend.

Since the summer heat has been in full force of late, I wanted to keep my outfit light, and so I chose a light summer top by Elle with a large scoop neck with cute gathers and fun ruffle short sleeves, and I paired that with a cotton navy skirt from Old Navy with narrow white stripes. I loved the bright red and navy colors together, and I of course completed the outfit with my open toe sandals to highlight my pedicure. As for my makeup and hair, I've been having so much luck with the boyish hair and tight bun at the base of my neck and makeup without foundation and powder, so I chose once again to go with the natural look. It sure doesn't make for the prettiest of pictures, but I just wanted to be passable, and so I quickly put my low maintenance look together, hopped in the car, and headed for the heart of the city.

The drive into downtown from my house takes about 30 minutes, and I thoroughly enjoyed it as the air conditioning kept my body cool. Since I know the downtown area well, I navigated the city streets until I came to the parking garage that sits beneath the large outdoor mall in the heart of the city. I found a parking space in just a few minutes and then gathered my things and headed for the nearest escalator. At this particular mall, they have elevators to take people up to the mall levels, or you can ride escalators that take you directly into some of the chain stores of the malls. I chose the closet exit from the parking garage, which was the escalator that led into the Macy's shopping mall. Riding that long escalator, you never know what awaits you above, and as I slowly rose up the escalator, I noted that the mall was quite lively with people bustling here and there. As I rode the escalator up into what would turn out the children's department of Macy's, I snapped a quick pic in the bright lights of the department store.

As long as I was in Macy's, I decided to browse through the lingerie section, and so I browsed through the racks and racks of bras and panties amazed at just how large the department was. There was a cash register on one end of the department with a saleslady there, but she was so far away and busy with a customer that she didn't even notice me. Even if she had, I was confident in my voice and my appearance, and so I freely browsed through the bras and panties realizing why I don't shop at department stores. Goodness gracious, the prices were so high, and I just couldn't entertain the thought of buying a bra or panties here just because. I've already done that numerous times as documented elsewhere in my blog, so after just enjoying the lingerie department for a few minutes, I decided to locate the restaurant section of the mall.

I'm not super familiar with this mall, but I located signs that pointed me in the direction of the food court, and it was away over on the other side of the mall. It required me to walk about the equivalent of two city blocks, and so I strolled through the crowds of people at the mall wishing I had an invisible selfie stick that I could hold up just to record it all. This is the same mall that Heidi and I visited on a weekday morning in February, but on this hot summer night, there were probably four times as many people milling about. There was a small sense of uneasiness in me because the crowd was so big, but I stayed true to my course and just had to smile as I passed the Sephora that Heidi and I went into and then as I crossed the bridge over Main Street where I took a fun picture sitting on the bench in my white blouse and maxi skirt. I would have sat on the bench and taken another selfie, but it was occupied to the max, and so I just kept on strolling towards the food court trying to gauge what people thought of me...if anything.

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