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Returning A Top To The Store As A Girl

Ever since my pedicure, my confidence has just been booming, and whenever I feel confident in my ability to pass, the sky really is the limit. I talked a few days ago about going to Scheels and then to Big 5 Sporting Goods to purchase a softball jersey, and while I actually did purchase a top, when I got home and tried it on, I didn't like the feel of it. The neck was too tight, and for some reason the cotton tee just didn't feel comfortable around my body. It could be that the fabrics used these days are so light and thin and that this tee was thick and heavy, but for whatever reason, it didn't feel good on me.

And I don't think it was due to the shirt being the wrong size. The length was fine and the sleeves were fine, but I think it had more to do with my not being comfortable in the shirt. As I tried it on at home and even took a few pictures, I remember thinking to myself, "It looks good on me, but I don't think I'll ever wear this out. It just doesn't feel right." Perhaps I should have tried it on first at the store, and that was my mistake, but I knew that I didn't want to keep this shirt as cute as jersey tees are on girls.

Instead of just taking a loss on the shirt and throwing it away or donating it to goodwill as I've done with many previous items, I decided to go and do something that I would have never fathomed possible until just a few days ago: return the shirt to the store for a refund. Returning an item or exchanging an item requires a fair amount of conversation, and that's just something I have avoided until recently, but now that I know I have a passable voice and my own credit card, I decided to give the return a try. Furthermore, instead of just telling everyone about the transaction, I thought it would be fun to actually record the entire thing to an audio file.

But first things first. Before I went to Big 5 Sporting Goods, I needed to choose an outfit, and while I've been keeping things extremely simple of late, I really wanted to wear a skirt, and so I paired a blue patterned skirt that I bought over the winter at Old Navy with my simple lemon tee from DownEast. For my shoes, I of course went with the white open toe sandals to show off my pedicure, and I should really start thinking about buying another pair of open-toe sandals. As for my makeup and hair, the no-foundation no-powder look as been working for me so well that I decided to go a bit more natural again today. I should note that wearing foundation and powder makes for much prettier pictures, but I am more interested in passing than I am pretty, and so I went as simple today as I dared.

The drive to Big 5 was short, and I was actually returning the shirt to a different store from where I purchased it, so I arrived at the store in no time. After locking my car and taking a picture in front of the store, I positioned the receipt and my phone in my purse so I would have easy access to them. As I neared the entrance to the store, I pushed record to the audio voice app on my phone and then walked through the front doors.

At Big 5, the registers are right there by the front door, and I looked to see a young girl about twenty years old working the registers. She was assisting an older couple, and so I walked around the registers and patiently waited in line behind the couple. It took them nearly a minute to finish up their transaction (I think they were exchanging some shoes), and soon enough, the pretty girl named Lexy looked my way, and we began the transaction. I could tell by Lexy's face that she had no idea, and she took the receipt from me and began typing into the register. In order to do the exchange, she needed her manager's approval, and so she called for him (his name was Garrett) over the intercom.

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