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Testing A New Hair Style at Walmart

Like any typical girl, I think sometimes about changing my hair color, and since I am generally blonde, I think about what it'd be like to go darker. That thought coupled with a sentimental feeling about my first ever hair style (lots of bangs and lots of curls) led me to go old school a bit in purchasing a new wig in a color darker than my natural blonde and with fun bubbly curls in the back.

Whenever I purchase a new wig, it takes me about two hours to style it, primp it, and get it just right to where I'm comfortable going out in it. With this being Saturday morning, I had a bit of time on my hands, and so I decided to get this wig ready to wear out in public. I was also quickly running out of Always pads, and so I knew I at least needed more pads, and then as I mentioned in my update where I got the pedicure, I lost one of my large hoop earrings during that process, and so I needed to replace those as well. Riding my high from my outing to Scheels and Big 5 sporting goods last night, I thought Walmart would be a good place to try out my new hairdo.

By the time I was ready to go, it was about 10:30 AM, and if there's any place busier than Scheels on a Friday night, it'd be Walmart on a Saturday morning, but I have been feeling extremely confident of late, and I really liked how cute this new hair was, and so I decided to just go for it. As for my outfit, the weather was already hot outside, and so I decided to wear my Old Navy flag tank top in white and then pair that with my denim short-shorts. I'm not sure when I'm going to outgrow those short-shorts, but it's not yet I'm happy to say. :) For my shoes, I stuck with my white strappy sandals in order to show the world that I just had a pedicure, and then I capped off my outfit with a cute headband to enhance my bangs and then keep the curls more to the rear of my head.

When trying to pass out in public while wearing a wig, the trick is to make the wig seem as if it has as little volume to it as possible. I do that by exposing as much of my face as I can, and then I also love to tie the hair in tight or use a head band, sunglasses, or some other accessory to take the focus off of the hair itself and only use the hair as a secondary means to pass. I want to the focus to be on my face and on my outfit as those are my strengths. Anyway, since my outing last night without foundation and powder was successful, I decided to try it again this morning because really, how many girls do their hair and makeup when going to Walmart?

As I entered the Walmart parking lot, it was already quite full, and people were bustling in and out from all directions, and actually, a chaotic scene like this sometimes better when we're trying to pass because customers really don't have time to people-watch. Without hesitation, I grabbed my purse and headed for on of the entrances and noted how great it felt to be out in the sunshine wearing a tank top. Nobody gave me any looks as I entered, and I now had a credible voice to say hello when the greeter welcomed me. The first stop this morning was the feminine hygiene section where I selected a pack of 40 Always maxi thin pads. The last time I bought pads, I bought them in a long size (they come in a green wrapper instead of yellow), and at the time, I wasn't happy with the longer pads because they seemed so bulky, but I have actually grown t like them quite well. For a girl like me who has a bit of extra padding down there, I feel as if the longer pads give me better coverage and help to provide a smooth front AND behind. And so with the choice of the regular size or longer size, I chose to go long again.

With my pads in hand, I next headed to the jewelry section to find a new set of earrings. On my way, I made sure to pass the house wares department where they stock the mirrors so I could take plenty of selfies in front of the mirror both holding my pads and without. After my impromptu photo shoot, I next walked over to jewelry passing people along the way, but nobody seemed to notice that I was anything other than a girl. When I found the mini-wall with the earrings, I was standing like five feet away from the lady who worked in jewelry, but she was busy wiping the class cases, and so I browsed through the earrings. When I bought my original hoop earrings, they came in a package of three: medium, large, and super-large. I used to always wear the super-large size, and for today's outing, I had in the large earrings and was quite satisfied with them, and so I chose some large hoop earrings that had a bit of a design to them.

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