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Scheels On A Friday

Several years ago I was shopping at Scheels and came across one of those animal scenes where they had something like six darling stuffed skunks portrayed in a pretty forest setting. I distinctively remember chatting with my girlfriend Danielle and saying, "I must go back to Scheels en femme and take a picture with those skunks."  It's a photo session that I've been longing to do for sometime now, but it's kinda hard to get to Scheels dressed en femme.

Well, today was a Friday, and since I had the entire Saturday off tomorrow, I figured that I would be out in the sun a lot, and so I wanted to purchase one of those softball jersey shirts that have 3/4 sleeves in a color and then a white front and back. I'm really careful about my tan lines, and so I wanted to protect the majority of my arms. I also love the look of a white bra beneath one of those jersey shirts, and so I decided to go to Scheels on a Friday night and 1) purchase a softball jersey shirt, and 2) take a picture frolicking with those skunks!

Regarding my outfit, I wanted to go as simple as possible, and when I say simple, I'm even talking about reduced makeup. In fact, I chose for whatever reason not to wear any foundation and powder tonight. It was kind of a risk, but I wanted to look as plain as possible because I knew Scheels would be super busy, and I didn't want to stand out for any reason. Beyond my limited makeup, I also chose as my outfit a simple white tee from Old Navy that is actually a relaxed fit, and I suppose it could even pass as a boy's t-shirt. I paired that tee shirt with my plain khaki shorts with about a four inch inseam, and then completed my look with my open toe white sandals. You know I had to show off my new pedicure!

Because my outfit was so simple, it came together quickly, but I must admit that I was apprehensive because I looked so darn plain. I'm even a bit sheepish about posting the selfies here as well because the pictures up close are not pretty whatsoever. But I wasn't looking for pretty tonight; I was looking strictly for passable. The final touch to my look as to pull my hair as tight as possible and then tie it up into a bun at the base of my neck with the ends of the hair flared out across one side of my neck, one of my favorite styles.

I took a few pictures of my simpleton outfit, and then I was out the door extremely nervous about my appearance. The drive to Scheels was short, and as I pulled into the parking lot, I immediately noticed all of the people milling about (gulp). I probably sat in my car for about five minutes going, "Do I really want to do this?" but I was confident that I had an okay voice to talk, and I was quite sure that I wasn't wearing a single thing on my body that would stand out.

And so after about five minutes, I finally put on my big-girl panties and walked right through the front door. To the left side of the entryway still outside the doors were two guys with dogs on leashes just hanging around there, and as nervous as I was, I thought to myself, "I guess it isn't so bad that I have to hang out at Scheels with another guy and are dogs." That thought lifted my spirit, and I gave the guys a tight-lipped smile as I entered the door. Once inside the front doors, you have to go through the big section of cash registers, and so there are tons of people all around. I was ready to say "Hi, how are you?" if anyone spoke to me, but everyone just went about their business as usual. I probably walked close to five or six people--most of them guys, but nobody gave me a strange look whatsoever.

After making it through the register area, I turned right where the women's section is and began looking for a softball jersey. Almost immediately a worker (a girl) came right towards me with several tops in her hand to place on a rack, and she walked right next to me without giving me any sort of look. It was at that point that I was like, "Nobody has a clue." For as plain as I felt, I was passing, and I knew it, and there isn't a better feeling in the world.

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