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Jogging In A Nike Sports Bra

A month or two ago, I was shopping at Kohl's and came across some Nike sports bras. I selected several colors and took them to the fitting room to try on, and I was immediately hooked by the feel and appearance of the bras. At the time of that diary entry, however, I weighed too much, and so every picture that I posted had my arms low and hiding the muffin top created by the workout skirt I was also wearing pushing up into my tummy. In some ways, I think muffin tops are cute and would help someone to pass, but on genetic girls, they get the muffin top on the side; genetic boys get them more towards the front.

At any rate, when I tried on those sports bras I weighed just over 173 lbs, which is too much for me. I made myself a promise that If I could lose five pounds, then I would buy myself a Nike sports bra. Well, I'm pleased to say that as I stood on the scale this morning, I weighed in at 167.2 pounds meaning I reached my goal of losing those five pounds! On the subject of weight, when I was in college, I weighed 155 lbs. At my current age, I really need to be around 165 lbs consistently and of course, I'd love to go even lower than that to help with my figure. Three or four years ago when I wore a little black dress by Ann Taylor to Wicked, I literally had to starve myself for a week to get down to 160 lbs in order to fit into the dress and sit down for three hours straight.

I love losing weight, but I really need to be healthy about it, and as a result, after seeing those pictures in sports bras where I'm not hiding my tummy with my arms (I didn't post any of those because I was embarrassed), I determined to begin working out regularly to lose more weight and to firm up my tummy. I also wanted to lose those five lbs so I could treat myself to a sports bra! My workouts of late have consisted of jogging, doing sit-ups, and exercising on an elliptical stepper. I try and jog up to five miles about three days a week, and then when I watch television, I like to do it on the stepper. As for the sit-ups, I need to reduce my tummy, and if I can create a semblance of abs in the process, it just adds to my figure.

When I knew I had lost the five pounds, I began searching eBay for Nike sports bras and was pleased that I could get them for under $25. The Nike Dri Fit bras that I tried on at Kohl's retail for $40, but Kohl's has lots of great active wear besides the Nike bras that you can browse here.  You can also find the bras on sale online at various sites, but most people want to charge around $8 for shipping. On eBay, however, something like a sports bra may ship for free, and I actually found two that I really liked...each below $20 even when including shipping!

The first bra that I bought is a pretty teal color with a lemon Nike swoosh mark and a lemon band running around the base of the bra. As for the second bra I purchased, you just have to wait for a future entry when I wear it in order to see it, but I will say that it is quite flashy and not just a single solid color.

With two new sports bras in hand, I decided this morning that I would go jogging wearing just a Nike sports bra on top and then Nike Dri Fit capri running pants below. I also chose to wear a pair of pantyhose beneath my capri pants for several reasons. 1) I love any excuse to wear pantyhose. 2) That extra layer really helped in creating a smooth front. It's one thing to wear jeans or a loose skirt with my plumbing, but it's quite another to wear skin tight spandex capris. 3) Lots of girls wear tights when they workout, and so I wanted to give it a try as well.

As for my shoes, I wore my Nike running shoes, which were actually purchased at the Nike outlet from the women's my wife's recommendation. While my wife prefers not to see me fully en femme, she does understand that there is a such a thing as unisex type clothing, and so she doesn't hesitate purchasing things for me from the women's section if they are unisex enough. Along with these Nike running shoes, I also have a pair of women's Oakley sunglasses and a Columbia rain jacket that I often wear.

Back to the matter at hand, with my outfit determined, I next had to make a decision about my makeup and hair. I didn't want to go in full makeup of course, but I did need a little bit, especially since I was taking pictures. I ended up using foundation and powder on my face, drawing in eyebrows, wearing false eyelashes without mascara, and then wearing my usual pink lipstick. As for my hair, I pulled it back tightly in a bun at the base of my neck. I really loved the look and knew that I wouldn't have any trouble going for a run and passing.

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