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A Slow Start To My Summer Girl Time

My plans were to hit my 2016 summer girl time on a roll, and to start off, I wanted to get a pedicure at a local day spa. One of the very first things that I do when my girl time starts is to paint my toenails, but this year, I wanted them done professionally. I have a few wonderful girl friends who have been encouraging me to get a pedicure en femme, and so I finally mustered up the courage to call a day spa and set up an appointment at 10 AM the first day of my girl time.

I made the appointment approximately 10 days in advance, and every night for 10 nights as I fell asleep, I debated in my mind, which outfit I should wear to my pedicure, and I could not wait. It didn't matter to me whether or not they knew I was transgendered; I am who I am, and I wanted a pedicure just like any other girl. Well, I was scheduled to fly back home the night before the pedicure, but my first flight got delayed causing me to miss my connecting flight back home, and I was stranded an extra night in the layover city. By the time I finally arrived home, it was like 9:30 AM, and there was no way that I could get ready and make it to the day spa darn it.

I will reschedule that pedicure, and I've actually been in contact with them about upcoming times and availability, but the events of the last few days really had me depressed during a time which is my happiest time of the year. It also meant that my first day of girl time was spent mostly on making all of the preparations that I was planning on doing the night before like getting my wardrobe ready and making sure that my entire body is clean and smooth. By the time I was ready to transform into a girl on the outside, it was in the early evening.

With my big plans ruined for the day, there was some grocery shopping that I needed to do, and so I at least had that to fall back on. Of course, how many more times can I post outings to the grocery store without boring everyone to tears? :) For my trip to the grocery store, I decided to wear a simple tee shirt and jeans, and so I chose a 2016 Old Navy flag tee shirt that I bought as a guy a few weeks ago. During my girl time, there will inevitably be times when I have to present as a boy like when I mow the lawn or when I'm involved in any sort of transaction where I'm required to show ID, but I always insist on wearing girls clothes when presenting as a boy from the neck up, and so I went to Old Navy before the 4th of July and bought two women's flag tee shirts for $4 each (one in red and one in navy), a printed tee shirt in gray that doesn't look overly feminine, a white relaxed fit tee shirt, and then I also bought a flag tank top in white for $2. I'm not sure when I'll wear that tank top, but for $2? I couldn't resist.

Anyway, I determined to wear the tee shirt in red along with my boyfriend jeans from JCrew, and just like any other outing to the grocery store, everything went as planned and no one bothered me or gave me strange looks. I took the usual pictures minus the picture of my outfit at home because the remote control for my camera had a dead battery, and so that's another reason why I needed to scurry down to the grocery store. I did take the usual dash pics, the pics from inside the store, and then a picture outside of the store with my shopping bag, which I have posted on this page.

After returning home and getting my camera working again, I decided to change into a relaxing outfit, make some dinner, and then enjoy the rest of the evening as I planned out the rest of my week. I chose to wear the plain white tee from Old Navy along with my gray knee-length jersey skirt, and then I also wore a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections in a town taupe shade. Not caring what the neighbors thought, I decided to eat my dinner and catch up on the news from the day out on the deck behind the house wearing my white tee, jersey skirt, and sheer nylons. Our deck is in view of five different houses, but there was enough tree cover and the deck itself to provide enough interference. I also pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail with a small bun at the base of my neck just in case any of the neighbors decided to take a closer look.

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