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Enjoying a Nature Hike

Several weeks ago, my wife came home with a new tank top that she had purchased at Under Armour for our son. Teenagers can be picky, however, and when my son took a look at it, he said that he didn't want it. My wife bought the tank on a super good deal, and so she asked me if I wanted it. I paused a bit looking at it and then said, "Sure, I'll give it a try."

The reason I paused is because I am not a fan of tank tops, and the last time I wore one as a boy was probably back in elementary school. I had never given much thought as to why I didn't like tank tops over the years until I took this one into the bathroom to try it on. After pulling the tank over my head and situating it in place, I immediately It was the strangest feeling, but I wanted to react in the same way that my female classmates did during co-ed gym class when we'd go outside on chilly mornings, and they'd immediately fold their arms tightly over their chests. At the time, I had no idea why they always did that, but I of course understand it fully now, and I think that I have avoided tank tops as a guy all these decades because I similarly felt exposed in a tank top for whatever reason.

Taking it a step further, growing up a boy and being active in sports, there always comes a time during a pick-up game of this or that where the two sides divide up into shirts and skins. I HATED being on the skins team. At the time I didn't understand why, but now I do. My torso is just as normal as anyone else, and there was no reason for me to be embarrassed about removing my shirt, but I cannot stress how much I deplored it. Now, I think I know why I hated it so much, and it's the same feeling that I had when I tried on this tank top: I just felt exposed and uncovered. What I think my subconscious told me the other day and was trying to signal to me all these years was, "You need to wear a bra under that."

As a girl, I just love to wear tank tops and camisoles as I've frequently documented on my web site, but as a girl, I am always able to cover up properly and wear a bra underneath. It would be very dangerous, however, to wear a bra beneath a tank top as a guy, and get away with least with people around, but I decided to keep the tank top my wife bought and use it for a different reason: to help me create tan lines more befitting of a woman.

Last year I bought a bikini top and wore it to the lake in the mountains, but I was only outside in it for about 20 minutes because I just couldn't afford to get sunburned in it and create female tan lines. I've also been extremely careful when wearing camisoles in the summer, so I don't get tan lines that show spaghetti straps, but now with this guy tank top, I think I can take my female tan lines to a new level, and I'm way excited.

So onto today's outing where I was able to wear my guy tank top as a girl for the first time. At the company I work for, they really encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, and so we have various activities in place where we can use a few hours of work towards healthy activities, and so many of us will gather over lunch time one day a week to do something active outdoors whether it's going for a long walk or playing a non-contact sport outside if the weather permits. Last week I wore my new blue tank top for the first time outdoors, and today we were supposed to have another outdoor activity, but we found out yesterday that it was canceled.

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