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Summer Pantyhose

One area of my body that I really pride myself on is my feet, particularly the heels of my feet. It bothers me when my heels become dry and cracked, and it really bothers me when I see other women wearing flip-flops or sandals with heels that are so severely dried and cracked that I can see dirt imbedded in between the cracks. I think I've ruined more pairs of pantyhose due to dry heels than any other symptom, and so I always try and keep my feet properly moisturized and smooth, even when I'm not actively dressing as a girl.

Last year I found myself wearing pantyhose a little bit more than usual, and during the summer months, I always seemed to turn to a particular nude pair of nylons that I purchased at Fred Meyer. The brand of the pantyhose was GNW, which I assume is part of the Fred Meyer line, and the hose were so light and comfortable and perfect for the warmer months. Unfortunately, I had a small sliver of a crack in one of my heels, and I ended up snagging the pantyhose on that little sliver. And the worst part about snagging your pantyhose at the heel is that the defect will run up the back of the leg. It always pains me when I ruin a good pair of nylons because I am careless when it comes to moisturizing my feet, and this was the case with this pair of GNW pantyhose.

With the summer months upon us, I'm going to need a new go-to pair of pantyhose, and so I decided to do some shopping at Fred Meyer today and browse their hosiery section. Because it was a warm summer morning, I decided to dress in a simple lemon tee shirt with my boyfriend jeans from JCrew. It's amazing how comfortable these boyfriend jeans are, and it seems as if I'm always stepping into them when it's time to wear jeans. Beneath these JCrew jeans, I decided to wear a pair of nylons just because, and so when my makeup and hair were done, I posed for a few pictures wearing my tee shirt, jeans, and nude nylons underneath.

It was about 9 AM when I was ready to leave the house, and so I scurried to Fred Meyer taking a few selfies along the way. With the sun already bright, I used my aviator sunglasses as a prop to keep my hair in check, and then my general hair style on the day was kind of a messy curly style that I think worked well. After arriving at the store and parking my car, I followed this darling mommy into the store pushing a child in a stroller. She was wearing a cotton pencil skirt (likely from Old Navy) with a gray tee, and it was a such a fun, casual look that I made a note to start watching for cotton pencil skirts.

As I entered the store, the shoppers were sparse, so I was able to browse around freely and mind my own business. I first went to the hosiery section to browse for some new nylons, and I was ecstatic to find a new shade in the GNW brand: Light Taupe. There is definitely a place for nude pantyhose, but sometimes I find myself wanting just a bit more color in my legs, especially when wearing thin pantyhose for the summer, and so I was thrilled to find this new shade available. Even though I already knew my size range in these pantyhose, I had to retrieve a package from the shelf and turn it over to examine the size chart just because. After confirming my size, I browsed around for the proper style. The previous pair that I ruined came in a pretty French cut, but I didn't see that style anywhere, and so I finally settled on a pair of control top pantyhose with a comfort waistband.

After posing for a selfie with my new pantyhose, I slipped over to lingerie to look at the clearance racks of bras and panties. I have to sigh every time I shop in a lingerie department because there are so many pretty things on the racks, but I know very well that I don't really need any of them darn it. I probably have 14 bras or so in my collection, and I'm sure that's more than a lot of genetic girls, so it's really hard to justify buying yet another bra when I don't even get to spend the majority of my life en femme. I do have occasion to wear panties more than bras, but I have plenty of panties already, so I mostly shop around the lingerie section for fun. Oh, and to take selfies. It's so fun how my eyes just light up when I'm shopping for bras and panties, and you can see that's the case here as I took a fun selfie without a flash.

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