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Searching for Sports Bras

I just experienced one of the longest spans I've ever gone without true girl time, and so it was absolutely wonderful to get back out this morning and do some shopping dressed fully en femme. I have been biding my time the last few months by paying attention to those little things like keeping my legs and armpits shaved, wearing pantyhose when the weather turned chilly, and wearing bras to work two or three days a week, but there is nothing like getting back into the swing of things and venturing out into society wearing a pretty blouse and denim skirt.

With the spring weather warming up, I've noticed more and more ladies out and about in the mornings going for walks or jogs with each other. I live in an area where I need to drive about two miles through suburbs to get to a major highway or interstate, and every morning women are out jogging and wearing the cutest active wear imaginable. I love the colors too. There's hot pink, neon orange, bright lemon yellow, etc. and so today I wanted to do some shopping for active wear.

First and foremost, this was the first time that I've worn makeup in several months, and if you remember my last outing, I just purchased some new foundation and powder that I was dying to try out. My moment of truth came this morning as I opened the new containers of makeup, and as soon as I began applying the foundation, I knew that I had found my true color match. The strange thing was is that I didn't like it. After doing various research on foundation, the consensus seems to be that the correct foundation should match the native color of the skin so closely that you can't even tell you're wearing it. Well, I had the correct color for sure, but I wanted my skin to have more warmth to it.

Where I go from here in terms of foundation is something that I will work out later; for now I just needed to get ready to go out for the first time in like forever. I thought my makeup went on smoothly, but like any girl, I get more and more worried about my drooping eyelids and crows feet at the corner of my eyes. On one hand, it makes me feel good that I worry about such trivial things that only women worry about, but on the other hand, this is my real look, and I don't feel as pretty as I used to be due to my increasing wrinkles darn it.

When my makeup and hair were finished, it was time to slip into my outfit, and as much as I knew I shouldn't wear a skirt, I just had to since it was my first time out in a few months. I chose my knee length denim skirt from Old Navy, which is quite casual, and then I paired that with the pretty blouse I bought during my dress-off with Wendy. I adored the combination together, and I wanted my legs to look pretty as well, and so I donned a pair of nude pantyhose completing the outfit with my sensible black flats. I really wasn't able to take a great picture of my outfit inside my home before I left (darn camera!), but you can see it better in my pics out and about.

Today had a different twist to it in that I was able to get ready at home in the morning, but I would have to de-girl myself in my car and head straight to work afterwards, so there were a few limitations as to what I could do and what I could take with me. Because I would be going straight to work afterwards, I decided to drive to a different Kohl's that was much closer to work. I really enjoyed the long drive dressed as a girl and managed to take a few selfies of me in the car. I always like to keep cool as I drive with the windows open or using the air conditioner, and since I'm a practical girl, I used the windows today. In order to keep my hair from blowing around everywhere, I clipped it back into a cute ponytail for the drive.

When I arrived at Kohl's, there were quite a few cars in the parking lot, and in this particular store, there only a front entrance. I wasn't quite sure what department I would walk into, but it turned out to be the juniors section. I browsed around the clearance racks for a few minutes and actually came across the little black dress with the dots on it that I tried on with Wendy, but the size was XS, and there's no way that was going to happen. :) It was still fun to look at all the cute clothes for girls, and I soon realized I was in the wrong department.

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