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A Photo Gallery of Lisa in Short-Shorts

I know it's like the middle of winter, but this is a photo gallery that I've been wanting to put together for some time now. Several years ago as I was shopping at a thrift store, I came across a pair of denim short-shorts in the brand Bongo that were so cute. More importantly, they actually looked to be my size, and so I couldn't resist snatching them up and taking them into the fitting room to try on. To my delight, the short-shorts fit perfectly, and so I ended up purchasing them.

I realize that a woman in her mid-forties shouldn't be wearing short-shorts like this, but call it a girl's mid-life crisis. After purchasing the short-shorts, it took me awhile before I dared to wear them out, but I realized that I wasn't getting any younger, and so in the summer of 2014, I finally wore the short-shorts out into public for the first time. I chose to wear them on a hot summer night to the grocery store so as to remain as inconspicuous as possible, but wearing them was absolutely electric, and it made me feel so young. It didn't take long before I reached for them again, this time in the middle of the day for a quick trip to the hardware store.

It turns out that I would wear those short-shorts multiple times that summer, and I also made them a part of my wardrobe the next year as well. I'm not sure how old a woman needs to turn before it's entirely inappropriate for her to wear short-shorts, but I suppose I'll be able to tell when the photos don't look good anymore.

Besides those denim short-shorts, I also own a pair of white cotton short-shorts that are more like loungewear. I bought these shorts on a whim while browsing through the women's section at Wal-mart about five years ago. I thought the shorts looked comfy and would be perfect for those evenings when I relax at home and watch television while wearing support pantyhose. I have only worn these cotton shorts out once coincidentally to the same grocery store early in the morning to purchase a gallon of milk. Now that I have the denim Bongos, I only wear these cotton shorts around the home, but I do have a few fashion pictures that I've taken in them.  In the pic at right, you can see me modeling the short-shorts over a pair of suntan pantyhose.  I'm also wearing a bra beneath my top in a size 34A without my breast forms.  This is a typical outfit for me when spending a quiet evening at home...minus the heels of course.  :-)

A final pair of shorts that I really enjoy are some khaki short-shorts that I found on the clearance rack at kohl's for less than $2. These shorts have a slightly longer inseam than the denim short-shorts and white cotton shorts, and so I wear these khaki shorts out and about when forced to go out as a guy. They are also a great accessory for my summer wardrobe as a girl, especially when I want to appear a bit more dressy.

It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally able to introduce a photo gallery of my favorite pics where I am wearing short-shorts, both in public and around the home:

Click here to view a photo gallery of Lisa wearing her short-shorts

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