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Pretty Autumn Leaves

Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year, and it's unfortunate that I don't get as many chances to dress en femme as I do in the summer time. While I treasure any girl time I can get regardless of the season, it would just be fun to put together a more extensive Fall wardrobe. In particular, I love to wear tights and leggings, and I also love shirt dresses or sweater dresses.

Aside from the girl aspects of Autumn, I also enjoy the season due to the cool weather, the harvest, and the pretty colors as the leaves change. Last year I was able to do a fun Autumn photo shoot in the mountains among the yellow fall leaves and pine trees, but my window for Autumn girl time this year came too late for me to head back up to the mountains darn it. Fortunately, there were enough trees lower in the valleys that were still trying to hang onto their leaves, and so when I had about two hours to myself this afternoon, I decided to quickly dress in a shirt dress and leggings and then go to a park with pretty fall scenery in order to do a photo shoot.

For my outfit, I chose a long-sleeve navy shirt dress with purple and gray trim around the neckline, the cuffs, and the hem of the garment. This particular shirt dress has quite a steep v-neck and so I layered it over one of my pretty slips that has a gorgeous swath of lace around the neckline. If you had a chance to see my photo shoot this summer where I was dressed in my various full slips prancing around the grounds of a wedding chapel, the slip I chose today was the super short full slip in a champagne color that makes me look like a pixie. Not only would this slip provide a pretty layer beneath my shirt dress, but it would also act as the perfect silky buffer between my skin and the wool shirt dress.

I decided to wear the shirt dress over a pair of footless tights with pretty lace around the bottoms. These tights can actually pass as leggings, so I wasn't too worried that I was wearing a short dress out in public. Beneath the footless tights, I slipped into a silky pair of pantyhose just to give my ankles and feet a prettier look, and then I capped off my look with my black leather pumps. I had so much fun trying on all those dresses with these heels (and I also loved the way the heels looked with my jeans) that I wanted to wear them again beneath this outfit.

I was able to get ready fairly quickly, and so I prepared my tripod and two different cameras in order to take pictures. This particular park is about 10 minutes from my home, and so I made sure to take a picture from the dashboard of my car, and I'm really glad I did because it's hard to see the pink slip layered beneath the shirt dress from any sort of distance, so this dashboard picture gives you a glimpse of the pretty pink lace layered beneath my dress.

As I neared the parking lot to the park, there were two other cars already parked, but I couldn't see anyone in the park. I exited my car and prepared my tripod and the cameras and still didn't see anyone, and so I walked towards the large maple trees who were in the middle of shedding their pretty yellow leaves. One difficult thing about taking pictures in the fall is the low light in the sky, and so I walked back and forth between the trees looking for the best angle. I also had to remember the proper way to walk on grass in high heels. It took me less than 5 seconds after I began walking on the grass to sink both heels into the soft soil, and it required me to wipe off both shoes with a damp cloth when I got home.

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