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Fly Fishing As A Girl

I suppose this diary entry is really Part II of my "camping as a girl" adventure. As I stated in that update, the battery in my camera started blinking just as I began to take photos of me at the lake wearing my bikini top and short-shorts, and so I decided to dash home for a few hours to recharge my camera before heading out again to go fishing crossdressed as a girl. I also mentioned my friend Josey, who is a really fun girl, and we were joking once about having me go fishing as Lisa, and so I happily took Josey up on her offer today and headed back to the mountains to do some stream fishing with my fly rod.

To say that I grew up on this pretty stream would not be an understatement. I know every section of it well and have fished it many a boy. Today, however, I would fish the river for a few hours cross dressed as a girl, so I was way excited. I spent the previous night camping in the mountains as a girl, and then I changed into a bikini top and short-shorts in order to break camp and then spend some time at the lake afterwards.

I was tempted to also fish the river wearing my bikini top, but I couldn't risk being exposed to the sun that long for fear of developing bikini tan lines. While my dream one day is to actually sun bathe in a bikini and create the tan lines that go along with it, in the current stage of our marriage, it would not go over well with my wife. As a result, I decided to wear my short-shorts below and then pair them with what Old Navy calls a button down perfect tee. This top has alternating horizontal stripes in white and neon green, and more importantly, it has a wide neckline that provides easy access to my bra.

When fly fishing, it is important to always keep the fly floating on top of the water, and so they produce a certain oil or gel that one can use to coat the fly thus enabling it to float on the surface longer. After catching a fish or after the fly has been in the water for 10 minutes or so, the oil will wear off and needs to be reapplied, and so storing the small container of oil in my bra would be perfect. I happened to store the container in the right cup of my bra, so in some of my pictures, you can see the impression made by the container as it's held in my bra.  In the left cup of my bra, I kept my fishing license just in case the authorities were out patrolling the river. On this day they weren't, and I'm not sure if I'm grateful for that or if I would have liked to have been checked by them with me standing there dressed as a woman. Maybe some day because I'm sure today was not the last time that I will go fishing crossdressed as a woman as I had an amazing time.

Along with my top and short-shorts, I decided to wear black neoprene beach shoes so I could wade in the middle of the river and not hurt my toesies on the rocks. I know it's not the most feminine look for my feet, but it was the most practical and so I went with it. With my outfit set, the final piece was my camera and tripod. For the first time ever, I planned to actually take video today of me dressed as a woman, and I just had to laugh at that thought. You see so many fun videos of transgender women on YouTube crossdressed out in public, and the first attempt of creating my own crossdressing videos will be of me fishing. Thanks a lot, Josey Girl!!

In all seriousness, I just love nature, and that's why I think I'm drawn to what I consider the art of fly fishing. Because I had to go home after breaking camp and playing at the lake, it required me to drive back up to the river. Luckily, the drive was short, but since I would be fishing in a fee area, I did have to stop at a toll booth to pay the fee. Since the video of me driving worked out so well with Aimee the other day, I had her along the ride this morning as well. Unfortunately, the angle of the sun was creating this huge shadow covering my head, so you can barely see my face in the video. I will still post a short clip of me paying the fee at the toll booth, though. The person manning the toll booth was actually a woman, and so you can see me giving her the money in exchange for a recreation pass:

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