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Driving With Aimee

I'll start off this entry by talking a bit about friends. Having friends in the crossdresser / transgender community is vital, and it adds such a fun dimension for us because seemingly overnight, we go from growing up all alone and confused to having the internet, which connects us with so many people just like us. I am really grateful for all of the support I get from my friends, and I have many of them.

Today, though, I will start off by talking about my very first friend in the trans community, Aimee. Aimee first contacted me a few months after I started my website, and there was something about the two of us that just clicked. Aimee is a gorgeous girl whom I also consider to be a meticulous artist when it comes to her look. I have learned so many things from her, and my current look today is due in large part to her experience and expertise. I think the main aspect that drew Aimee and I together was our desire to just be simple soccer moms. I think the two of us get more joy out of looking good in a simple tee shirt and cargo pants than anybody else. Anyway, though we live miles apart geographically, we have maintained a solid friendship from the beginning.

The reason I bring Aimee up is because she is one of the very few girls who has ever seen me on web cam. I hardly spend any time on web cam en femme because I'm too busy getting out and about taking care of other errands, and it's really hard for me to just sit still in front of the computer when I can be out shopping for bras at Victoria's Secret or Kohl's. There's also a decent time difference between our two locations, so by the time I'm home and ready to settle in, it's already way past Aimee's bedtime. Or, by the time I'm ready to go in the morning, it's nearly lunchtime for Aimee during her work day. The end result is a lot of frustration, especially for Aimee because I never just stop and set some time aside for my friend as I should.

Well, today I made sure to create some time for Aimee so I could say hi to her via web cam. As I mentioned previously, Aimee and I both strive to be every day soccer moms, and so she loves to see me performing those general domestic duties around the house. Since I always seem to have a stack of dishes in the sink, I can web cam with Aimee as I do the dishes or as I fold the laundry. When folding the laundry, it's particularly fun to do the bras and panties first so Aimee can get a good look at them. :-) I also get super close to the camera on my laptop so Aimee can see a good, clear close-up of my makeup and hair. She always gives me good tips, and our sessions together are quite simple but very fun.  The picture at left is taken from Aimee's PC from our web cam session.

With my summer girl time coming to a close soon, I was getting some things done around the house this morning when I realized that it'd be the perfect time to web cam with Aimee. I logged into my instant messenger account hoping she was around, and to my delight she was! After showing her my look and twirling a few times in front of the camera as this girl is wont to do, I moved into the kitchen and began doing the dishes. When the dishes were done, I sat back down at the kitchen table and we continued our discussion of this and that. I was keeping an eye on the clock because I had other obligations, and so I finally told her that I needed to scoot for the day. Out of nowhere, she suddenly asked, "Can I come along?"

I hesitated a minute wondering how she could come along with me, but then my little blonde head began brainstorming ways of web camming with Aimee away from the house, especially in areas without WiFi. I finally decided that it might work if I logged back into instant messenger from my phone and then just streamed the web session using data from my provider. I knew I'd be able to stream the video from my phone, but how in the world was I going to be able to keep my phone upright on the dashboard of my car? I told Aimee to wait a few minutes, and then I quickly located a small box that I could attach to my dashboard with little Velcro strips. With the box secure to my dash, I next retrieved duct tape and put a copious amount on the back of my cell phone and then taped the cell phone to the box on my dash. Luckily it looked as if it would hold, so I ran back to my laptop to inform Aimee that she could indeed come along with me.

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