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Spur of the Moment Transformation

Whenever I venture out into public cross dressed as a girl, I always ensure that my makeup and hair is as passable as can be, but this is a process that can take upwards of 30 minutes to achieve, not to mention the time it takes to shower, shave, choose an outfit, etc. I often think to myself, "It's kinda unfair that I can't just pull my hair back into a ponytail and dash to the store sans makeup like other genetic girls do all the time." Well, I suppose I could do this if I was super brave, but I know that I wouldn't be able to pass as a girl. As a result, all of my outings are carefully planned around times when I can do my makeup and hair properly before going out.

If you've followed my blog for awhile, then you know that my facial skin is extremely sensitive to shaving, and I'm not able to shave every day. Fortunately, my facial hair is quite light and thin as it is, and so after a clean shave, I have about 30 hours from that point in terms of being able to apply makeup and venture out into public en femme without any visible whiskers showing. As I result, when I plan my extended girl time and various activities, I always try and plan out these 30 hour blocks so I can use my girl time as effectively as possible. If I know that I can be late for work on Thursday morning, then I will usually shave Wednesday evening after work, go out as a girl Wednesday night, go out as a girl again Thursday morning, and then go out a final time Thursday night after work. Friday would then be a "day off" and I could start shaving again on Saturday.

The reason that I even bother starting this blog entry out like that is today was an off day for me in terms of being able to shave my face, and so there was no way that I was going to be able to do makeup and hair. So my plans for this "day off" were to drive up the local canyon and scout for a place that would allow me to camp overnight as a girl. I had so much fun going to the mountains and cooking over a campfire en femme that I now want to take that next step by actually camping overnight as a woman. There would be various logistic needs in order to pull such an adventure off, and so I wanted to drive up through the canyon and scout different areas that would fulfill those needs.

My original plan was to do this all as a guy, but as I went to put my shoes on just before leaving the house, I decided to wear my black ballet flats instead of guy shoes. I was already wearing nylons from my work day since I have been underdressed at work every day during this span of girl time, and who wants to wear guy shoes when they can slip into a cute pair of flats? As I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I noticed that the flats didn't really go with my guy jeans, and so I quickly changed into my boyfriend capri jeans by JCrew. I knew I wouldn't be running into anyone face to face in the mountains, and so it would be harmless if my lower half was dressed in girl things, but when I stared into the mirror again, I just couldn't bare the site of wearing girl capris with a guy top, and so I quickly changed tops pulling on my new lemon tee from DownEast that I purchased recently.

Now I was feeling great dressed properly from the neck down, but I was having a hard time wearing a bra beneath my lemon tee without my forms in, and so I finally decided to go into the canyon dressed like a girl without any makeup. As I mentioned in my introduction, you see women all the time running errands with simple hair and no makeup, and so I decided to become one of these women since I knew I wouldn't have a face to face encounter. After inserting my breast forms, I quickly grabbed my long blonde wig and styled it just a bit, and if you didn't get a real good look at my face, I don't think you could tell that I wasn't a girl. I didn't take a picture of myself in this outfit at home because I wasn't wearing makeup, and even if women go out to run errands with simple hair and no makeup, they would all shy away from having their picture taken in that state, and that was my natural reaction as well. So, instead of setting up my tripod and camera for a fashion photo shoot, I grabbed my things and headed for the car completely en femme except for any makeup.

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