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Blonde vs. Brunette

For those of us girls who love to crossdress, there are some obvious reasons why we do it. We love the sensation of nylon or silky lingerie against our body; we love to admire our legs in pantyhose and high heels; and we can't get enough of that inexplicable thrill in wearing dresses, skirts, and other pretty outfits. These reasons certainly apply to me, but when I crossdress, I also love to try and recognize the smaller things that make it so fun to be a girl.

Here is a list of some of the more subtle things I love about being a girl:

* Tilting my head to the side to get my hair out of the way so I can put on an earring
* Fixing a bra strap that has fallen down off my shoulder
* Shaving my legs before dressing up
* Changing outfits several times before I get it just right
* Taking my shoes off outdoors and feeling the breeze through my toes while wearing pantyhose
* The feel of long hair on bare shoulders
* Replacing an errant strand of hair back behind my ear
* The feel of earrings dangling from my ears

crossdresser in a plaid skirtThere are undoubtedly other things that make it so fun to be a girl, but I'm always thrilled when I discover something new in my crossdressing experiences. Prior to the holidays, I wanted to put together a photo shoot of me dressed up in a Christmassy outfit. I just adore the look that younger girls often wear during the holidays where they dress up in a red plaid skirt and tights, so I wanted to do the same for my holiday pictures.

I already had a black sweater and plenty of tights, but I didn't own a red plaid skirt. I shopped for one on eBay and luckily found the perfect skirt in time for the holidays. I decided that I would wear my black sweater, the red plaid skirt, black tights, and black flats for the pictures, but that is when I ran into another subtle thing I love about being a girl. How should I do my hair? Or more importantly, what color should I do my hair?

I am naturally blonde, so I love to crossdress as a blonde, but I also love the variation that going as a brunette provides. When women get to be my age, that touch of gray is unavoidable, so it's necessary to get their hair dyed once a month or so. It's fun to see women play with different shades and styles, and as I got ready for this photo shoot, I realized I was experiencing the same dilemma about what to do with my hair.
It's subtle experiences like these that comfort me when I crossdress because it indicates to me that maybe I'm not so crazy for always wanting to be a girl or at least to dress like one.

As for the photo shoot, I chose to go as a brunette, but when I returned home, I also took plenty of photos of me dressed in the same outfit with blonde hair as well. I'm not sure which ones I like better, but brown hair just fit my mood that day. I think because I thought it made me look younger.

Here are links to several poses of me crossdressed in the same outfit with different hair:
Pictures as a blonde  |  Pictures as a brunette.

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