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How I Obtained A Somewhat Passable Voice

I've often told friends that if I could solve one of the following three issues then I could become passable in nearly any situation: 1) fix my height, 2) fix my nose, and 3) fix my voice. I have zero control over the first item, and the expense and explaining that would be involved in item number two makes it almost impossible as well.  And so I've always been stuck with item voice.  Knowing this, I've tried numerous times to generate a plausible female voice, but such attempts have always failed and left me rather frustrated.

My usual routine was to search on YouTube for tutorials on how to obtain a more feminine voice, and despite the number of wonderful tutorials out there, I could never achieve a voice that was passable and acceptable to me. Due to my numerous failed efforts in obtaining a voice, I had all but given up, but two things inspired me this summer to once again make an attempt to find my female voice.

The first item was my determination to get a pedicure as a girl. I've had so many wonderful girlfriends encourage me over the years to get a pedicure en femme, but I've always hesitated because I knew that a lot of conversation would be involved, and so this summer, I felt determined to find a voice that was passable enough to allow me to get a pedicure and carry on a conversation as a plausible woman.

The second item that inspired me this summer was the movie Some Like It Hot that features Marilyn Monroe in the lead. She is joined by co-stars Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, who are forced to pose as women in order to get away from the mob chasing them. I stumbled upon the movie as I was channel surfing, and as I watched, I marveled at how Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon seemed to produce female voices so naturally. Then there's Robin Williams and his performance in Mrs. Doubtfire or Dustin Hoffman in his role as Tootsie. It occurred to me that these actors were all able to obtain a passable female voice through some means, and so I was determined to find that means for myself.

That led me back to YouTube where I stumbled across clips that featured professional voice coaches (women) coaching other women on how to talk in a lower voice. Talking in a lower voice was something that I didn't need, but I clicked on the clips anyway and listened to their instructions, and the advice that they gave their target audience was essentially the same advice that I needed in order to change my voice: basically, learn how to breathe and use humming exercises to strengthen your vocal cords.

Essentially, a person needs to strengthen their vocal cords in the desired range before they can start speaking in that range, and so the voice coaches listed various exercises that a person could do in order to strengthen their vocal cords and adapt to a new range. It also makes sense that the previous male actors that I listed all worked with voice coaches in order to develop their feminine voices, and so this was the breakthrough that I needed to give me something else to try in an attempt to achieve my feminine voice. I spent a few hours doing the exercises recommended by the professional voice coaches and was amazed when a new voice began to emerge from my throat that actually sounded passable.  The voice you will hear is not perfect; but I do think it's passable, and it's enabled me to enjoy outings this summer that I could only dream of doing previously.

It was such a fun breakthrough for me that I decided to put on one of my best dresses and create a video of myself explaining how I developed a somewhat passable female voice. There were multiple YouTube tutorials that I referenced, and so I won't list them here, but my advice is to search YouTube for clips of professional voice coaches who don't necessarily cater to transgender people; rather, they teach basic exercises of what one must do in order to change their voice...for the better. Rather than type the same things that I say in the video, I'll let this new YouTube clip tell the rest of my story...and then some as I get a bit chatty, which actually forced me to edit the video down to under 15 minutes. :)   If this video can help even one girl out there find her voice as well, then it will have all been worth it. Good luck, girls!!


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