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How To Put On Pantyhose

I was raised on L'eggs pantyhose.  L'eggs was the preferred brand of my mother, and so it was and is the preferred brand for me.  I love to try different brands of pantyhose, but it seems that I always come back to the L'eggs brand.  I know every style and shade of L'eggs, and I try to make sure that my pantyhose drawer is always stocked with at least one pair in each shade.

Many times friends will email me suggestions for various brands of pantyhose, and I do make mental notes of each so that if I ever come across a pair in a store, I can buy them and try them, and I think it's safe to say then when transgender girls or crossdressers talk about fashion, pantyhose is probably the number one subject.  I was fascinated with pantyhose as a little girl probably because I could actually see them on others.  I noticed how pretty they looked beneath a dress or a skirt, and I noticed how pretty a woman's legs looked when clad in pantyhose.  Suffice it say that when I tried on my very first pair, like a bra I was hooked for life.

Recently I made a new friend from Slovenia named Maja (isn't that the prettiest name?) and the subject of pantyhose came up in our discussion of fashion.  Maja went as far to ask me how I put my pantyhose on, and it occurred to me that girls have different methods of putting on pantyhose and tights.  I know that my dear friend, Danielle, has a certain method that differs from mine, and I watch my wife pull on her pantyhose and/or tights and wonder, "Didn't anyone ever teach her the proper method to putting on pantyhose?"

There is of course no correct way to put on one's pantyhose, but I think that's it's such a fun subject that I thought I would blog about it and then record a video of me actually putting on a pair of pantyhose (thanks for the idea, Maja!!).

I learned how to put on pantyhose by watching my mother, but then I also remember that when L'eggs pantyhose used to be shipped in actual plastic eggs, they would include a small strip of paper that showed three steps regarding the proper method to putting on a pair of their pantyhose.  I have searched and searched on Google for a picture of that little paper strip of instructions from L'eggs, but I just couldn't find one darn it.

As a child, I was always intrigued by the instructions that came from L'eggs because the very first step was to leave an inch or so of nylon in between the end of the pantyhose foot and a woman's actual toes.  To me the look was ugly, and you can see in the pic at left that there is extra nylon around my toes as I have just finished putting on my pantyhose.  I couldn't understand why one would want to leave that much extra room for the toes, and so as a child and teenager and then as a young adult well into my twenties, I would always pull the foot of my nylons close to my toes and then step into the rest of the pair from there.

As I matured, however, I noticed that I started to give myself more and more room in the toe area when putting on my pantyhose.  I also noticed that after a few hours, the foot portion of the pantyhose would adjust around my toes and give me the look that I loved so much as a child. And while it looks as if the foot of the pantyhose is snug around my toes by mid-day, just a little tug on the end will once again create the slack that I gave my pantyhose when putting them on initially.  I find that when there is plenty of wiggle room for my toes in my pantyhose, my feet don't get as hot and therefore I don't sweat as much in my heels.

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How to Put on Pantyhose

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