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How To Put On Pantyhose (page 2 of 2)

Besides the little toe trick, L'eggs next suggested that a woman pull up one leg of her pantyhose to just above the knee level and then repeat the process on the other side. Once the pantyhose were half on just above the knees, a woman could then gently raise the pantyhose up little by little around her waist making adjustments for comfort as she went along.

Following the method suggested by L'eggs greatly reduces the danger of putting a run or poking a hole in one's pantyhose when stepping into them. If a girl sits on the floor and pulls her pantyhose on one leg at a time by constantly working the nylon up the leg (the method my wife uses), it greatly increases the chance of putting a flaw in the nylon during the process. I vividly remember teaching a youth group in church one Sunday, and the class was made up of a mixture of boys and girls around the age of 14. The girls always sit together on one side and the boys always sit together on the other side during this awkward age, but I remember one day that one of the girls was showing her friend the hole that she had poked into her tights just above the knee area. Her tights were a pretty light gray color and a very sheer denier, and they almost looked to me as if they were pantyhose, but I just had to smile within myself because I knew exactly how the accident had happened. :)

Since I think it will be more effective to actually SHOW you all how I put on my pantyhose, let me just wrap up with some important steps in my opinion, and then you can watch video of me stepping into a pair of nylons.

1. Stand up when putting on pantyhose
This is actually harder than it sounds because it requires good balance, and it also taxes the lower back muscles. I do believe that this is key, however, in best protecting the pantyhose because the leg gently steps downward into the pantyhose stretching them to the floor gradually instead of trying to fight layers and layers of nylon as you work the pantyhose up your leg with those pokey fingers.

2. Give yourself an inch or so of wiggle room in the toes
I know it doesn't look pretty the first 30 minutes or so after putting on your pantyhose, but they will adjust during the day and settle around the toes beautifully while also giving the feet plenty of room to breath.

3. Alternate pulling the pantyhose up on each leg gradually
This step isn't as important as the first two steps in my opinion, but it does mean that when you finally reach the goal area around your waist, both legs will have the same amount of room on either side, and the reinforced panty will look straight and clean. To me, there's nothing more annoying then when each side of my pantyhose is not properly balanced and I can feel them moving and adjusting themselves during the morning as I move around.

4. Pull the waistband of your pantyhose at least to the level of your navel
I cannot reinforce (get it?) enough how important it is for girls like us to maintain a waistline at the navel line or even higher. Pantyhose can be such an effective tool in achieving this as the elastic in the waistband will push inwards on the tummy creating a proper waistline. The compression of the panty will also help to decrease bulges around the waist and tummy area offering a corset-type effect. I believe it was my friend Samantha who sent me the pic at right many years ago, and while the pic is small, notice the how high up the model has pulled the waistband of her pantyhose.

Good luck everyone since I know you all adore pantyhose as much as I do, so without further adieu, here is video of me below demonstrating how to put on a pair of pantyhose:


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