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Painting My Fingernails

painting my fingernails in a silky pink nightieLast summer I put on my big girl panties and actually went to a day spa in order to get a pedicure.  It was a huge step for me as a girl because it forced me to interact with other human beings for a long period of time where heavy conversation would be involved.  I still remember my foot shaking as the esthetician withdrew it from the tub of warm, soapy water and rested it on the small platform in front of her, but I calmed down soon thereafter and even went back for another pedicure a few months later.

It was easier to get my toenails painted and leave them that way for an extended period of time because I could always cover them up with shoes and/or socks. Fingernails, however, is a much different story because one's hands are exposed all the time when out in public, and when you work a typical 9 to 5 job and then participate in other activities in the community and at church throughout the week, it's just so hard to find an extended period of time when others don't see my hands.  As a result, I have always hesitated to get a manicure, paint my nails on my own, or even try press on nails.  It's extremely rare that I am not around people that I know for more than a 12-hour stretch, so I couldn't really see the point in doing my fingernails only to remove the polish or the press on nails half a day later.

This weekend was different, however.  I had more extended time to myself, and my son's games would be played in a stadium, which is a much less intimate setting.  I could keep my hands in my pockets if out as a guy, and I just wouldn't have to mingle with others as I do at home.  For a variety of reasons, I decided that it was finally time to paint my fingernails before going out as a girl.

crossdresser painting fingernailsI brought my nail polish for this express purpose, and the very first thing I did after waking up was to paint my nails at the small round table in my hotel room.  My initial plan was to create a video of my talking to everyone while painting my nails, and I actually did create the video, but I didn't get my tripod setup at the proper angle to handle the landscape video, and so the top of my head is cut off throughout the video darn it!!

For that reason, I'm not going to post the video because I don't want people to find it on YouTube and think to themselves, "Why did that goofy girl post a video where part of her head is cut off."  I still feel as if it's worth talking about the experience, though, because I did learn a few tips and tricks while painting my nails that could possibly help others.  I will also definitely make a video again painting my nails because I did have a fun time doing it dressed in my silky, pink nightie, and I promise the next one won't cut off part of my noggin'.

guys with painted nailsThe first piece of advice I have is that you can paint your nails and have them look cute even if they're short.  I think a lot of girls like us think that if they paint their fingernails, they have to be long and perfectly shaped, but just look at the majority of younger girls these days.  None of them grow their fingernails long; yet, they still apply pretty nail polish.  In fact, I challenge you to find a girl under 40 who has long finger nails.  Okay, I realize that most of us are not that young (myself included), but it doesn't mean that we can't do the same and keep our nails trimmed extremely short before applying polish.

Second, you don't have to paint the entire fingernail. My nails are so short and fat that I'm totally embarrassed to even take a close-up picture of them.  So instead of a picture, I created a simple graphic below to show the shape of my nails. There's really nothing I can do to change the shape, but I can give the illusion that the sides of my nails are more vertical than diagonal depending on how I apply the polish.  Actually, my my fingernail shapepinky nails are close being vertical. My ring finger nails aren't as bad either.  But the closer I go inwards, my nail shape is worse and worse, and so I tried to keep my polish lines as vertical as possible because from a distance, I don't think that people can detect that the entire nail is not painted.

Third, give your nails plenty of time to dry!!  I had a real problem with this one because as soon as my nails were painted, I wanted to get going, and I ruined the pretty finish on a few of my nails by touching them against something. When I went in for my pedicures, the esthetician had me sit still for about five minutes with a fan blowing on my nails, so something similar is recommended. :)

I'm certainly not a pro at painting my nails, but I'm no longer intimidated by the process.  I also noticed that my nails on the left hand were much prettier than the ones on my right since I am right-handed. Practice, practice, practice with that off hand, and I think in time that any girl like us can produce a set of pretty fingernails.

Now it's time to get out there and shop!!

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