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Stopped by Airport Security at LAX for Wearing a Bra

Since my face and upper chest need a major break from the razor today, I am quietly underdressing from home and tidying things up around the house. A major event in my life as a transgendered person occurred recently, however, that I needed to blog about, and so I'll take the opportunity today to recall that experience.

As you know by now, my wife and kids are away on an extended vacation visiting her folks, and it's something that they do every year. My wife really feels bad about leaving me for so long, but I assure her everything will be alright while quietly planning how I will spend those two weeks as a girl. ;-)  Every other year or so, I will go with the family for a long weekend or maybe a week since my wife is from an area with a beach, amusements parks, pro ballgames, fun food, etc. Well, this year I took a few days off of work surrounding the weekend and went with the family for a mini-vacation, and when it was my time to fly home alone, I made sure that I would be underdressed for the flight secretly stashing a bra, panties, and a pair of toeless pantyhose into my laptop bag.

When I wear a bra for air travel, I always make sure to bring an A-cup bra with a soft cup and no underwire. The metal detectors at airport security don't scare me, but the full body scanning machines do, and so I usually remove my bra in the restroom if I think that I'll go through the full body scanner. On this particular day, I was flying from LAX and was underdressed as usual wearing the bra I'm pictured in at right; however, I forgot that I was wearing it. I'm not sure if it was because it just felt natural or if it was due to the hustle and bustle of trying to make my flight, but by the time I remembered that I was wearing a bra, I was already in the line for airport security and couldn't get back out.

I chose the line furthest from the body scanner as possible and then put my things on the conveyor belt and sent them through. I was right next to a normal metal detector and asked the agent, "should I go through?" kind of leaning in that direction, but she stopped me and pointed me over to the body scanner. I was growing quite apprehensive because I've heard that those things can basically see through clothing, but I tried to keep my cool as I got in line for the full body scanner. A girl in her early twenties was ahead of me, and so I watched how she went through the scanner and did the same. I wasn't sure if the body scanner would pick up my bra, and I hoped that whoever was watching the scan wouldn't pick up that a guy was in the scanner and a bra was showing on the screen.

My hopes were dashed, though, when a guy got up and came over to me and started rubbing my back saying, "what do you have here?" I looked him right in the eyes and told him as calmly and as coolly as possible that I was wearing a bra. He looked extremely incredulous as if he didn't hear what I said, and so he asked me to confirm, "you're wearing a bra?" I answered yes, I was wearing a bra for support. He didn't laugh or smirk at all; rather, it just didn't register in his mind that a normal looking guy was wearing a bra. He pulled me aside, and so he had to check me out and inspect me, but he was clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

He asked me which things belonged to me from the conveyor belt and then he picked them up, and we went to an isolated room nearby that was surrounded by frosted glass. He had to have someone with him in the room with me, so another agent was called over to assist. So there we were, me and two TSA agents in the isolated room and the gentleman not knowing what to do. He asked me again as if he still didn't believe it, "so you're wearing a bra for support?" I answered yes and thought that if he really pressed then I could tell them that I was transgendered and that this is just what I do.  In the pic at left, you can see what I looked like on the day from the neck down (isn't that Kewpie doll t-shirt fun?).

He told me that he needed to "clear the area" which means that he either had to visually inspect my bra or he had to pat me down. The other guy he brought in as a witness asked if any alarms went off, and none had, so the guy that stopped me abruptly left the room to go and ask for confirmation as to what to do. He was a lot more nervous than I was and entirely uncomfortable, but they had taken me this far and they needed to check. The witness guy and I were left alone in the room, and he was very professional about the situation asking me how my day was going. I told him that it was going just fine, and honestly, I wasn't too bugged about the situation. I didn't want them to look at my bra, not because I was embarrassed but because I wasn't entirely groomed in my torso area, but if it came to that, I knew I would never see these guys again, and so I was okay with it.

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