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Christmas Shopping as a Girl

I am having so much fun this month dressing like a girl and going out because I rarely get this many opportunities to crossdress in the winter time. Being able to wear winter clothing really opens up my wardrobe, and it also give me a chance to finally wear tights, something I can't do in the summer. Now, I frequently underdress tights over panties in the winter whether I'm wearing tights beneath my work clothes or my ski pants, but it's just in a girl's nature to want to show off her legs while wearing fashionable tights.

A few weekends ago, I went shopping for some new tights, and I was specifically looking for a pair of footless tights in white with a swath of lace around the cuff. I didn't find such a pair in white, but I did find a pair in black, and so I decided to purchase them and give black footless tights a try. I've seen women wear these footless tights beneath dresses, tunics, and other long shirts, and it's such a fun look that I decided to give them a try this morning. Since I needed to do a bit of Christmas shopping, I thought it'd be fun to wear my footless tights for the first time and head to Target to shop for some toys and a few girl things as well if I saw something fun.

For my outfit today, I chose to wear the aforementioned footless tights beneath a long flannel shirt that could probably even pass for a dress in the fall or spring. This shirt dress is a dark blue with the typical flannel check pattern, and then it buttons all the way from top to bottom flaring out at the bottom to form a really cute a-line. There are also two pockets on either side that are perfect for carrying a tube of lipstick, car keys, or even a remote control for my camera. :-) To cap off my outfits, I decided to wear my black ballet flats that come complete with cute bows on the front giving them a truly girlie look.

I would also be remiss to show any portion of my legs bare, even if it was the ankles, and so I wore a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections pantyhose in nude beneath the footless tights. These particular pantyhose are sheer to waist, and so having the extra waistband beneath my tights wasn't too binding. Besides, all it takes is to leave the house dressed in such a darling outfit, and a girl soon forgets those little things that could make her uncomfortable underneath.

My destination today was Target, which is good for Christmas shopping because it has toys for the kids, but it also has a wonderful clothing section for women and juniors, a wide selection of shoes, and of course a lingerie section that is fun to browse. My wife asked me to check Target for the game Apples to Apples for Juniors since our children have always adored the Kids version even though they've begun to outgrow it now. I took her suggestion and of course turned it into a fun girl adventure, and I thought along with shopping for the game, I could see the fun holiday specials that Target had to offer for women.

I chose to go to Target today before heading into work, and so I needed to hurry in putting on my makeup and doing my hair after sending the kids to school. I was also glad for the early holiday shopping hours because if a store opened at 10 AM, I just wouldn't be able to make it, so call this an early Christmas present for this girl. The closest Target to our house is about 10 minutes away, and so I enjoyed the drive snapping pictures from my dashboard as I went.

Target is usually busy no matter the time of day, and this morning was no different as I turned into the parking lot. Still, I parked a fair distance from the store so I wouldn't attract too much attention placing my camera on top of my car and taking pictures in the parking lot. I was glad that the sky was overcast because I just don't take good pictures in direct sunlight. After taking a few pictures, it was time to grab my purse and head into Target for a bit of Christmas shopping.

The first thing I noticed as I walked towards the entrance was that 90% of the shoppers are moms like me running errands after sending their kids to school. Most of the moms today were wearing track suits or jeans and a jacket with no makeup and their hair pulled back into a ponytail. I'm glad that I chose such a casual outfit because it allowed me to blend in with the other moms. One thing I really like to do is wear a skirt and heels and rush into a store as a working mom dashing in for a single item, but Target isn't the store you'd usually go to for a gallon of milk or some maxi pads, and so I felt appropriately dressed for the occasion.

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