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Panties for Christmas

Every year I try my very best to put together a fun outfit for Christmas and take my picture. A few years ago I bought a short, red plaid skirt that I wore with a black sweater and black tights, and then the year after that I bought a long sleeve button up red cardigan for Christmas. Last year I just didn't get the opportunity to do any shopping for myself, but I'm lucky enough this year that I have a small window to dress up in a Christmas outfit and do some shopping. I usually don't get to dress up like a girl and go shopping around Christmas time, so this year has been extra special, and just between you and me, being able to crossdress as a woman and go shopping is the best Christmas present this girl could ever receive.

And when I say shopping, I guess I really didn't have too much time to shop this morning, but that was okay since I've been shopping my heart out all month, so for today's adventure, I wanted to return to Fred Meyer and purchase some new panties for Christmas. I actually discovered these panties earlier in the month when I was shopping for long boots and happened to take a detour through the lingerie section to browse around. I noticed an entire rack full of Vanity Fair panties, and Vanity Fair has been my brand of choice since I purchased four pairs of their panties this summer. In particular, I was very interested in high waisted panties from Vanity Fair for two reasons.

First, as I've grown older, I've really taken a liking to panties with a high waist. I know when we're younger we like to wear sexy panties with lots of lace, but I think as women mature, we tend to gravitate towards more practical panties. I really like the high waistline panties because I'm able to pull them up to my navel, and if you've ever noticed where a girl's waist line looks the prettiest, it's at the navel. I also enjoy high panties because it allows me to set the waistband of my pantyhose below the elastic band of my panties. If you've worn pantyhose for any extended amount of time, you'll know how the waistband can sometimes dig into your tummy, and so I've felt that it really helps out to set the waist line of my pantyhose just below the waist line of my panties. It really lessens and digging and redness that can result from wearing nylons for an extended period of time.

The second reason that I'm returning to high waisted panties part time is because I have such fond memories of them from my childhood. When I used to borrow my sister's panties in grade school, the style was a high waist line with lace running down the sides, and these days it's what you'd call retro panties. Another reason the high waisted panties bring back such good memories is I used to borrow panties from one of my best friend's mother all the time. She was a single mom and worked long hours, and so when I would go play at my friend's house, it wasn't uncommon to find a pile of laundry in the basement with her panties scattered throughout the laundry. I used to borrow her a pair for about a week from the laundry pile and then take them back and put them in her hamper.

I think she was really too busy to notice, so in this way I was actually able to cycle through various styles and colors of panties, and I think the panties I loved of hers the most were white Vanity Fair panties with a high waist line. So for the above two reasons, I determined today that I would treat myself to two new pair of Christmas panties. It was also easy to make this decision when I noticed in the weekly ad for Fred Meyer that all panties were buy one get one at half price. A girl never can pass up such a good deal. :-)

Getting back to my outfit, this would be the best chance I would have to dress up in Christmas colors, and so I wanted to make the most of it. Starting from the inside, there was no question that I would wear my Victoria's Secret bra today, and so I paired that with a pair of high waisted panties in a pretty pastel peach color. Tis also the season for tights, and so instead of pantyhose today, I decided to wear a pair of black tights with a fishnet pattern that I bought in Tokyo about eight years ago. Covering my lingerie, I first donned a white, sheer blouse with a lovely swatch of ruffles running down the line of buttons in the front. This blouse is too sheer to wear outside by itself, and so I pulled on my red, button down cardigan leaving the top three buttons or so undone so the ruffles of my blouse could become the focus of the outfit.

On my lower half, I decided to wear a short, gray skirt that ends just above the knees providing what I thought was a younger look. To complete the look, I slipped into my black heels with the cute bow on the front and then admired my 2012 Christmas outfit in a full length mirror. I was extremely excited with the look because it was very traditional, but it still had some cute elements to it like the ruffles from my blouse, the shorter skirt, the fishnet pattern in my tights, and the bow at the front of my pumps. I was so excited about the outfit that I thought the only choice from the neck up would be long, straight hair with my traditional hoop earrings. I know that I've worn a lot of outfits this year, but I just felt so naturally pretty in this outfit, and I'm not sure why.

The drive to Fred Meyer was about ten minutes, and I was really pleased with some of the pictures I was able to snap from the dashboard of my car. Since driving to Fred Meyer requires me to travel north nearly the whole way, it provided the perfect lighting for the pictures. As long as I'm on the subject, I've figured out that natural light is our best friend as long as it isn't direct sunlight, so if you're trying to take the best pictures possible when cross dressed as a girl, choose a setting with plenty of natural light that isn't too bright that it makes you squint.

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