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Shopping for White Shorts

guys crossdressingOne of the items on my shopping list this summer has been a pair of white denim capris or shorts. When I am out and about in pubic as a guy, I love to people watch the women to see what they're wearing, how they're accessorized, what have they done with their hair, etc., and I have been inspired by many such occasions to go out and purchase a particular item of clothing for myself. Well, this summer, one of the cutest items I've seen worn that I would like for myself is a nice pair of white capris or long shorts. This type of bottom can particular be worn with a nice blouse or top to create a very elegant summer outfit that can still be worn out shopping, to lunch with the girls, or to a movie. And so tonight when I had a few hours to myself, I decided to continue my quest for a pair of white shorts or capris.

As summer is winding down in my area, we've had quite a few rain storms roll through the last few days, and tonight was no exception. The sky was really cloudy and it was threatening rain, and so I decided to keep my outfit super simple just in case I had to run through the parking lot through the rain or battle the wind trying to blow my hair all around. As a result, I chose a half-sleeve cotton top in navy with white horizontal stripes and a darling patch of ruffles down the buttons in front. I purchased this top at the Old Navy outlet last month and have yet to be able to wear it out although it has been a fun casual to wear around the house.

Along with this top, I decided to keep things simple on my lower half as well choosing a pair of khaki shorts with about a 4" inseam. Since the clouds and rain would provide a slight chill in the air, it gave me an excuse to slip into a pair of nylons, and so I reached for a pair of Hanes Silk Reflections in a nude shade. Since I did choose to wear pantyhose, I didn't want to wear an open toe, so I completed my outfit with a pair of simple brown flats. I also opted for shorter hair since I didn't want to deal with long hair blowing into my face and sticking to my makeup. My hoop earrings and a pair of sunglasses in my hair as an accessory added that final touch, and I even took time to take a pictures of my outfit before I left the house. :-)

crossdressing at Old NavyThe first stop on my quest for something white was my favorite store, Old Navy. From the time I left my house until I arrived at Old Navy, the rain had picked up, so I made sure to drive extra careful just as any girl would. I also thought it would be fun to take a picture through the rain-soaked window, and so in place of my usual dash board pic (I took lots of those too :-), I'm posting one of me in the Old Navy parking lot. The time was about 8:15 PM by the time I arrived at Old Navy, and so there weren't a whole lot of customers in the store. That made me feel a bit more at ease, and so I settled in looking at the different selections of white denim. I found a few pair of shorts that were kind of close to what I wanted, but the shorts themselves were all over $20. I'm posting a pic of me holding one pair of the shorts, and the reason why I didn't end up purchasing the pair I'm holding is that they were just too casual. The bottom of the legs were slightly frayed, and these shorts looked more like something a girl would wear with a tank or a cami, and I was looking for a bit more elegant look.
shopping en femme at Old Navy
I notice that when my summer girl time winds down that I start getting super frugal because I've already spent so much money throughout the summer that I find it harder and harder to justify new purchases. If Old Navy would have had white shorts on clearance for something like $8, I would have made a purchase, but I just didn't find anything tonight that made me want to spend over $20 for a pair of shorts I'd like only be able to wear once before it's time to get out my fall and winter fashions. As a result, I left Old Navy empty handed, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the excursion because it's always fun to see what Old Navy has.

This particular Old Navy is located close to a large shopping mall, and so a scurried over to the mall with about 10 minutes before it closed at 9 PM. I ran into the JCPenney just because I know that store the best, and I found some longer denim capris in white, but I just didn't find that perfect pair of knee length shorts or capris. As I was searching the clearance racks for something that work, one of the sales associates was straightening up the clearance racks in preparation for closing, so it was kind of fun playing cat and mouse with her around the clearance racks. From literally the moment I walked in, they were making the announcements about the store was closing and to take our final purchases to the registers, so I just didn't have time to really explore Pennies, and so I snapped a quick pic from the women's department with my cell phone and decided to visit one of my favorite stores, Kohl's, which happens to remain open until 10 PM during the summer.

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