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Cute Summer Wedges on Clearance

I can always tell when I buy a new article of clothing that I can't get enough of because I tend to wear it every day, and I think the DownEast skirt that I purchased a few weeks ago is quickly becoming one of those garments. The skirt is such a hodgepodge of different designs and patterns, and I love the way it flows away from my hips. And so today when I decided to do a little shoe shopping, I immediately reached for this skirt and then a cute top to wear with it.

I've really enjoyed my strappy Old Navy sandals this summer that show off my painted toe nails, and I wanted to see if I could find any good shoe deals on summer clearance. In particular, I was looking for anything with a large open toe and straps that would help show off my nail polish. One of my favorite places to shop for shoes is the local Fred Meyer department store. The store is adjacent to a Smith's supermarket, and so the store hours for both are from 8 AM to midnight. When I'm pressed for time in the evenings and need to be out past 9 PM then I will often shop at this Fred Meyer. Sometimes on Friday nights when I have nothing else pressing, I will come to this Fred Meyer and just browse the women's section until 11 PM. The crowd's are obviously small the later it gets, and so it's as if I have the whole store to myself.

I knew the skirt that I was going to wear tonight, and so I balanced that out with a hot pink short sleeve blouse that looks like one big ruffle. This blouse also has two fun little ties in the front for me to make a bow after slipping into the blouse, and this is the top that I bought for myself earlier this year when I went Valentines shopping. Now that I had my top and bottom chosen, it was time to choose my shoes and depending on the selection of my footwear, the outfit could have been extremely casual or quite a nice outfit that one could wear to church. In the end, I chose my red canvas flats with white polka dots that are as comfortable as they are cute, but before I stepped into these shoes, I slipped into a pair of sheer nylons in the Hanes Silk Reflections brand. I noticed in the pictures that I took tonight that my pantyhose are quite pronounced, but I believe it's because they reflected so much light for the pics. When viewed outside of the lens of my camera, the pantyhose provided a very subtle look that complimented the rest of my outfit.

By the time I was ready to leave the house, it was getting late, and so I opted not to set up my tri-pod and take a series of photos in my outfit. I hope I'm not making this into a bad habit, but I think it's because I want to get out shopping instead of posing for fun as doing a photo shoot can be. :-) I decided to wear my hair in a medium length with the poufy sides at the bottom, and after putting on my hoop earrings, I used a pair of sunglasses as that final piece to give my hair a natural look. After using a handheld mirror to check my look 360 degrees in a larger mirror, I grabbed this summer's purse, which happens to be a beige basket purse with fun patches of flowers on one side, and headed for the door.

The sun was quite low in the western sky, and I couldn't block it out as I drove north, but I continued to snap away from my dashboard camera, and I was pleased with the way the pictures in my car turned out. I live in such a perfect area because there are fun places to shop in all directions within about ten minutes of my house, and I arrived at Fred Meyer in about seven minutes. I took the closest parking space available happy that I was thinking more about convenience than sneaking into the store, and I bounded through the doors towards one of my favorite places to shop.

This particular Fred Meyer is laid out so that the shoe department is at the far end of the women's section, and so I took my time browsing through the clearance racks for something that really stood out to me. Along with taking my time, I also took advantage of every mirror I came across snapping pictures of me and my outfit just for fun. When I didn't find anything in the women's section, I next wandered over to the junior section. I realize I'm in my mid-forties now, but I still feel young at heart, and so i really love the junior fashions. I looked through blouses, skirts, dresses, and jeans but didn't find anything that was a great bargain. Fred Meyer is a lot like Kohl's in that everything is on sale all the time, but the original prices are extremely high, so even at 40% off, you can still pay about $25 for a top.

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