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Shopping at Wal-Mart Crossdressed

This month one of my children had a competition about four hours from home, and so we determined that my wife would go so I could stay home and work. This gave me a window of about 24 hours to dress like a girl this month, so I made sure to take full advantage of it. My wife left on Wednesday after the children came home from school, and once I put our remaining child to bed Wednesday night, I quickly transitioned into Lisa and logged online to chat with some of my best girl friends. I knew that I would have the chance to go out crossdressed in public the next morning, so I wanted to put together some fun outfits that included shorter skirts and tights and then get the opinions of the other girls on what to wear.

crossdressed in public as yoga momWhenever I chat online, turning on my web cam and showing off my outfits is one of the most exhilarating things about being a girl. I love to twirl in front of the camera and then look at my reflection and primp my hair and basically do what any girl does when she knows she's getting attention. I also love to change into multiple outfits and then get other girls' opinions as to what goes best with a certain skirt or certain top. I guess it's similar to girls out for an afternoon of shopping together and trying on outfit after outfit just they can gab about it.

So I was chatting with my friend Aimee who has a lot of the same crossdresser goals that I do, and somehow the subject came up of yoga moms. These are the women you see who have just dropped their kids off to school and then head out to run various errands, many times still dressed in a very casual top and yoga pants. I don't own any yoga pants, but my wife is the typical girl who probably owns a dozen different pair. I can't really fit into my wife's sizes, but yoga pants are so stretchy that I thought I would give it a try. Much to my delight, I found that all of my wife's yoga pants fit me, and so I spent the next hour or so trying them all on and then seeing which tops they looked the best with them. I had so much fun doing it and modeling them for Aimee that I determined to dress like a yoga mom the next morning and run a few errands.

March is still a chilly month where I live, and so I wanted to wear long sleeves. I have the funnest long sleeve t-shirt in white that I usually wear to layer underneath something else, but a girl really wouldn't layer her tops when she exercises, so I determined that I would just wear the long sleeve tee as is. And...since the t-shirt is white, it would of course highlight my bra underneath, so I had to make sure to match the perfect bra with this top. These kinds of decisions for me are those subtle aspects that make being a girl do darling and fun. Anyway, I chose a basic cotton bra in white that I purchased last summer at JCPenney while crossdressed. It's the first bra that I've purchased from the lingerie section of a department store while dressed as a girl, so it's a very special bra not to mention extremely comfortable.

As for my yoga pants, there's not much variety when it comes to color. There's black, gray, navy, or maybe a dark brown, so while trying on the various styles, it really came down to selecting a capri style or one with the full legs. I finally narrowed it down to two pairs: a plain capri style or a long leg style with cute stripes running down the sides. Since capris are so cute anyway, and since they allow me to show off more of my legs, I selected the capri style. As for my shoes, I really don't have a cute pair of tennis shoes to wear with workout clothes, so I just wore some casual Mary Jane flats.

I barely slept since I was so excited, but the next morning as soon as I sent my child off to school, I ran into the bathroom to begin putting on my makeup. I had already showered and shaved my legs as part of my morning routine, so I was off to an early start. Since this was the first time in a while that I wore makeup, it took me a little longer to get everything right, but in no time I pulled on my white t-shirt over my white bra and made sure my upper half looked good. As for my lower half, I chose to wear nude pantyhose beneath the yoga pants since I wanted my legs to look good (March is too early for a tan), and the control top pantyhose would really give me a good shape in the hip area beneath the stretch pants. The final touch was to pull my hair back into a ponytail since that would make the most sense for a woman on her way to or from a workout. I was ready just a bit after 9 AM, so I told some of the girls I was chatting with good-bye and then headed out the door.

The two errands I decided to run as a yoga mom were a quick trip to Wal-Mart and then a stop at the gasoline station to fuel up my car. I went to Wal-Mart first since I wanted to arrive there before it got too crowded. I found a parking stall fairly close to the entrance, and as I pulled in I noticed the parking space directly in front of me was open as well. I always like to drive forward so I don't have to back out later, but just as I crossed that center parking line, another mom in a mini-van began to pull in. We both got that shocked look on our faces, and then I waved kindly and backed up into my original place. We both smiled at each other, and as she parked and got out of her van, she called across to me and said a prolonged "thank you!! I was still in the driver's seat getting my purse together and other sundry things I like to have on hand (like a camera), so gave her another wave and a big smile. It truly was a mom "moment" between the two of us, and it was probably the highlight of my morning.

I wanted to wait for my new friend to get a head start on me since I felt I looked the part but wasn't ready to be chatty with another woman, so I waited a few more seconds and then started that ominous walk to the front doors. I say ominous because you don't know who will be coming out and also how attentive the greeter will be. I entered the store safely and then said hello to the greeter, who was an old man probably in his 80's. I would love to know what goes through a man's head when he sees someone like me walk through the door. Is he suspicious? Does he notice my figure? Does he think I'm pretty? I hope at least he thinks about the latter two things.

crossdressing yoga pantsInside of Wal-Mart, the first thing I will do is head to the women's section so I can check my appearance in the many full length mirrors they have placed around. Not too many people are clothes shopping that early, so I was able to snap a picture with my cell phone of my reflection in one of the mirrors. It's a really blurry pic, but hopefully you can get a brief glimpse of me crossdressed in public shopping at Wal-Mart.

I actually did have two items I needed to buy...a bottle of hand lotion since I live in a very dry climate and then a new bike tube for one of my kids' bike tires that didn't want to cooperate. But I thought as long as I'm in the women's section, I may as well pick up a new pair of pantyhose. Over the winter, I found myself liking and wearing the same pair of pantyhose under my ski pants whenever I went skiing. It was a very warm winter this year, so I didn't really want thick tights, but I did want at least one layer of nylon beneath my ski pants. I really gravitated to a pair of L'eggs Sheer Energy sheer-to-waist pantyhose in off black. Not only did they feel light on my body, but the off black is a color that doesn't draw too much attention when I roam around the house with my stocking feet showing or even when I remove my ski boots and ankle socks in the ski lodge...something I love to do every time I go skiing. The pantyhose held up well during the ski season, but I wanted that backup pair just in case.

After browsing through the pantyhose and bras, I next headed for the bicycle section to select a new tube. Another mom was there with two small children, but she seemed so busy with her own shopping list that she really paid no attention to me as I bent over and selected the proper tube. Once I had the tube, it was next off to the cosmetic section for the hand lotion. I of course browsed through the makeup a little bit, but I purchasing pantyhose while crossdressedhad other errands I needed to run, so I didn't spend too much time in Wal-Mart. Once I had all of my things, I headed to the registers and was a little disappointed in myself that I didn't go to a live person opting for the self-serve registers. I find that when I cross dress in public the first time in a while that I am very tentative and shy, but after a few outings, I get my confidence back and then have little problem going to real person at the register.

As I completed my purchase and headed out the door, I had a spring in my step feeling every bit the girl I hoped I was portraying. As I pulled out of the Wal-Mart parking lot, I stopped at the edge and took a dashboard pic of myself holding up my new pantyhose. I can tell from this pic that I've gained a little bit of weight over the winter, but I think that's typical for most of us girls. After I pulled out of Wal-Mart, I filled up my gas tank wondering how many of the cars driving along the busy street were taking notice of the yoga mom filling up her tank. I know I would have!  : ) 

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