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Shopping in My Old Fashioned Bra

bra from behind in fitting roomYesterday I talked about spending some quiet time as a girl and getting back to my roots so to speak in noticing those little things that make being a girl so neat, and I want to continue that theme today by talking about bras. Yes, bras!! Those who have followed me closely over the years know that the very first item I ever cross dressed was my mother's bra, and you also know how much I love to wear bras and how picky I am regarding their appearance through my blouse, both from the front and from the back. And so I'll begin this entry by talking about one of my special bras and why I chose to wear it out in public today to do a little shopping.

The particular bra in question is made by the manufacturer Wacoal, and I actually purchased this bra in Japan while on a business trip about 14 years ago. The color is a cross between champagne and peach, and this is a soft cup bra with no underwire. It is such a comfortable bra to wear, and it looks amazing from behind, but I rarely wear it out into public because of the cups. If you've been bra shopping lately, you'll know that seemingly all of the bras sold these days have smooth, padded cups. More padding has been added to the cup, and so there is no longer a need to add extra lines or crisscrosses through the cup in order to mask an impression of the nipple from poking through.

Over the past decade or more, bras have become a part of women's fashion and not just an undergarment used to support her breasts. It is now acceptable for the bra straps to show beneath a camisole or tank top, and they even sell bra straps now as separate accessories that girls can interchange with the original straps on their bra as a fashion statement. As part of this shift in fashion trends and the prominence of the bra as part of the wardrobe, the cups have all become smooth so as to crossdressed in white tee shirt and bragive the breasts the most beautiful appearance possible. Several decades ago when bras were meant to be hidden and completely covered up, all of those extra lines and crisscrosses were added to hide the breasts and their features, not enhance them. It's my opinion that with the boom in women getting breast implants the last few years, it's forced the bra to become much more visible as part of the wardrobe, and so the designs have naturally shifted to smoother cups. And so in this day and age when I know that my bra will show through my top prominently, I always like to wear a smooth cup in order to keep up to date with the current trends.

Today, however, for some reason I decided to wear a traditional bra beneath a white top as part of my wardrobe for an afternoon of shopping, and so I chose my comfortable Wacoal bra that has horizontal lines on the exterior of the cups to wear beneath a thin white top. I believe I chose to wear this bra today because I was still in my sentimental mood and wanted to wear something that reminded me more of my past and the road I've traveled to get to this point. As for the point of my shopping today, does a girl ever need a specific reason to go? Of course not...but I did have blouses on my mind as I ventured out to my favorite thrift store this afternoon to see what I could find. I wanted to find a short sleeve blouse and preferably a blouse in black since black is such a formal color and I don't own any tops in that shade.

crossdresser driving in publicPrior to leaving for my shopping trip, I decided to wear a half sleeve tee in white over the top of my Wacoal bra as previously mentioned, and then I paired that with my yellow checkered skirt from American Eagle that I simply adore. I caressed my legs with nude pantyhose, and then I slipped on my brown Mary Jane flats since they keep my height in check and are extremely comfortable to wear out. As has been customary for me lately, I decided to wear my hair short for today's shopping excursion because it's just so much easier to try on clothes with short hair rather than long hair. Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I grabbed a beige purse with brown trim that is perfect for the Autumn season and headed out the door.

Since my look was very conservative today, I felt very confident in terms of passability, and that was good because when I arrived at the store, the parking lot was nearly full to capacity, and so I knew there would be a lot of people inside. Minding my own business, I went straight for the racks that contain the blouses, but I just didn't find anything in my size that really stood out to me. There were plenty of black blouses for sure, but they all had open necks or v-necks, and I was looking more for a...

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